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Can the genital area determine a baby’s gender?, Jakarta For those who already have a daughter, there must be someone who desires a boy. As a result, are there specific sexual positions that can increase the likelihood of having a certain gender?

Yes, this is a question that often comes to mind for those who want a certain gender from pregnancy onwards. However, of course, there are no sexual conditions that affect a child’s sexuality.

This was stated by MD Jeffrey Steinberg, Director, Gender Selection Program, Fertility Institutes, Los Angeles. parents.

Steinberg emphasizes that these methods cannot be scientifically proven without regard to advice such as eating meat and salty foods, loving a stable place to have a boy, or having sex in a missionary position to increase a girl’s chances.

“None of that is scientifically endorsed,” Steinberg said.

But Steinberg explains that he was a pioneer of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the 1960s. Landrum conducted research on the characteristics of Shuttle X and Y chromosome-carrying sperm.

The medical world knows that sperm carry X and Y chromosomes, while egg cells carry only Y chromosomes (give birth to girls). However, from the results of this study, the chances of having a boy or a girl are known.

Using the Shuttle method, couples are encouraged to have sex based on ovulation or fertility.

For example, if you want to have a daughter, it is best to have sex two or three days before the ovulation. In the meantime, if you like boys, it is best to have sex as close as possible to the ovary.

The results of the study are not without reason, Drs. Lundrum Shuttle noted that sperm carrying the X chromosome are slower to move than sperm. Meanwhile, the sperm carrying the Y chromosome are lighter so they can run faster.

Based on Shettle’s research, Steinberg claims that having sex near the ovary benefits the sperm that carry the Y chromosome (reproductive). This is because the condition of a woman’s vagina and cervical fluid is more alkaline. In other words, Y sperm thrive and function well in an alkaline environment.

However, a study published in the medical journal New England found that there was no correlation between the time of intercourse and the sex of the baby.

“There’s not much you can do at home to choose a baby’s gender,” Steinberg concludes.

Now, according to that explanation, the gender of a baby cannot be determined by its sexual location. One of the things that people who want to have children can do is maintain their health through a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Women should also be aware that there is a limited number of eggs. The number of eggs may decrease as we age. So choose folic acid or folic acid supplements to improve the quality of eggs to maintain egg health.

Taking this supplement regularly once a day means that you are helping to give the egg the nutrients it needs when it is released. In addition, supplements help to provide antioxidants that are beneficial for a healthy pregnancy.

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