Wednesday , October 28 2020

Cheap flights, Kunnam Airport cost $ 2 billion a month

MEDAN, – The car at the Airport branch of the Communications and Tourism Sector Wushan Budi Sathantho said that his company incurred a loss of Rs 2 billion per month due to the impact of the aircraft's air ticket prices.

The Christmas holiday of 2018 and the New Year of 2019, the number of passengers and the average number of flights are 25 percent.

Failure to cancel cancellations due to canceling the number of flights and canceling the passport to Jakarta. Kompas.comMonday (05/13/2019).

Increase Airport Ticket Prices, Pakistani SSK II Airport Manager Receives $ 12 Bn Contract

Prior to the increase in the ticket price, at the international airport, 27,000 people arrived at the international airport each day. However, when the ticket prices increase, the average passenger is 18,000 per day.

The number of flights before the air ticket price is usually 230 to 235 a day.

However, the number of flights currently falls from 160 to 175 a day.

In addition to the increase prices, there is also a baggage bag that is reduced by passengers.

As Vussons estimated, PT Angkasa Pura II could not do much in price.
This is the domain of the Ministry of Transport.

However, he attempted to carry out various activities such as resolving this problem, negotiating group discussions.

"Celebrate festivals, airline travel, tourism exhibitions, cultural events and other events," he said.

Minister of Transport justifies airline ticket price reduction by 15%

The President of the Astintho Ships Summit Association, Willie T. Harris, Zimbabwe said the high price of airline tickets and luggage would have a big impact on the sale of air tickets by travel agents.

75 percent of passengers are discouraging purchases of air tickets and the increase in passenger luggage increases.

"At present all tourists and travel agents feel the impact of high prices, and not only the complaint, but also the shouting and the damnation of Mr. Demoni, but the results can not be expected," he said.

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