Wednesday , October 28 2020

Dan Jong with Barclays DeLitt Bringing Argentine Champion back

Barcelona – Matthias De LaGuard and Frankie de Jong won the Abu'a Albes Abtess Democrats. Both of them turn to Barça to celebrate their success.

Celebrating the success of Moundo Deportivo, De Jong and de Ligt, the success of the Aizzhe's Report to Barcelona This season was won by DeAmerstorers Eredivisie and KNVB Trophy.

With the entire Argentine squad, DZ Jong and Deigh and his friends arrived at the LP Tribe Airport in France on 10:30 am local time. Their arrival was promptly received by the FC Barcelona. Journalists said that they were immediately invited to take pictures with Day Jong and DeLig with Barcelona supporters.

The arrival of De Jong and the Ligetus was certainly a vision. De Jonong is an Academy's bass player who has been in Barcelona since January and will join this summer. Die Ligt will quickly follow his companion.

De Jong and De Ligt have been targeted for the season. In addition to bringing Justus's double championship, Inzag appeared to play a major role in the Champions League semi-final.

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