Wednesday , October 28 2020

Do not get another air ticket.



Indonesian traveler Bambangi Khario has traveled shortly before his holiday is short, so it's time to travel at the Suvaria International Airport, which is located at the Yunanda International Airport in Idd Fifree.

At the International Airport in Sabaragamuwa, the Lebanon is preparing for the 17th week of 1717/2015. It is a youthful date for supplies and necessity to receive the transport capacity during the weeks.

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In this case, the government was able to increase the desire of the people to reduce airline fares.

"This fee should not be expensive anymore, it should be controlled," he said.

He said air travel for the upper middle class is indeed. But low-cost carriers (LCCs) use this service for many low-class people.

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Therefore, he said that low cost airport taxes and profits would be filled by passengers in order to compel the government to build a dedicated LCC terminal.

In response to a request, general manager of Juan Suraj International Airport, Mr. Haro Pacejo, said that the members of the Indonesian House of Representatives were in the process.

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"We continue to do what we proposed, obviously, for a long time to prepare the Eid airport in the Jundia Airport," he said.

In June 2019, the International Airport of Zanzibar has prepared self-test or 11 Self-ticket Print Tickets at a time when attempting to ease the passengers out of the Egyptian departure process.

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Both Telegraph 1 and Terminal 2 are available for download.

"This facility allows instant access to luggage that passes baggage and allows employees to use their queues to quote queues, especially when transporting Lebanon," he said. "

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