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For a list of 12 pre-employment groups, visit

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Government officially opens registration for 12 pre-employment group on page. Registration opens with a crowd of 600,000.

Participants in the Pre-Work 2021 program will receive one million IDR training assistance. In addition, post-training incentives of Rs. 600,000 are provided every 4 months.

Participants will receive a survey incentive of IDR 50,000 each time they participate in the review. Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in the survey three times with an incentive of IDR 150 thousand.

For pre-worklist group 12 visit

  • 1. Pre-Employment Requirements Group12

– Indonesian Citizenship (WNI)
Over 18 years of age
Not currently attending formal education

According to Economic Coordinating Minister Airlanga Hartarto, the program is primarily aimed at job seekers, the unemployed and even MSEs affected by COVID-19.

“The program is aimed at job seekers, the unemployed, workers and entrepreneurs. He said this at a press conference on Tuesday (23/2/2021).

  • 2. List of group ex-employees12

Create a pre-employment account

Open the Prakarja website at wave 12
-Then click ‘Create Account’
Fill in the fields in the fields such as email address and password
When the data is complete, click the checklist and select ‘Create Account’
To verify registration, open the email and return to the previous working website
Successfully created 12 pre-employment.

List of Pre-Employment Cards 2021

After successfully maintaining a pre-work account, participants must fill out their personal data following the steps

Log in to the job account before going to the dashboard
Data verification in the form of KTP, NIK, KK number and date of birth
Upload ID photo
-Confirm your mobile phone number and click ‘Submit’.
– Give the candidates an OTP code via SMS and enter it in the given fields
Finally, make a registration statement following the information below.

Take the 12th group of the pre-employment test

In the next stage, participants were tested for motivation and basic abilities. How, as follows

Click ‘Start Testing Now’
Fill in the answer from the test according to yourself
Once done, the results are evaluated
Select the desired pre-work 12 openings and click ‘Yes, Join’
– After that, click on ‘I Agree’ in the job pre-approval letter.

Don’t forget to visit to register for the Pre-Work 12 team!

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