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If it's already cheated, it's time to make peace


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – National winning body (BPN) Member of the Governing Body Prabowo Subianto-Sassiyago Uno, Fadli Zanni has said that various frauds have taken place at the General Election (Elections) 2019 Demonstrate the agitation.

He said that the possibility of predicting the results of the 2019 election could not be foreseen by the Elections Commission (KPU) on May 22.

"If it is fraudulent in the past it would be peaceful. First of all, this fraud should be campaigned. [22 Mei akan damai atau tidak]I'm not lucky. It depends on how people want it, "Wednesday (15/5) in the Senate parliament complex in Jakarta.

He urged the people to fight for justice until they determined and announced the results of the 2019 election.

Bad experience in the 2014 lawsuit A lawyer-Sunny, Muhammad Syafi, or Romano Seyiro, a BPN aggressor, told the Constitutional Court (MK) that such a move was not being followed this year.

Moreover, the present government did not carry out the constitution.

The Constitution states that the present Constitution is not in operation and that the Constitution can not be implemented any more by the constitution having the power to implement the Constitution.

However, there will be no clarification of the measures announced by KP on the May 22nd results of the 2019 election.


In his party, the people's aspirations to respond to the fraudulent results of the 2019 election are visible.

Remember that when the Constitution is not established, sovereignty is in the hands of the masses. "
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