Wednesday , October 28 2020

Permission for Riley Barack and Ryan Barack and Sayeryne, revealed the cedardentee's cooperation to Annan Hermans

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – By Asanthi was revealed by permission of Ryabno Barak and Raul Barros with Sayiri, Krishendi and Annan Hermensia.

Yes, musician Anne Hermensia could be back with his former wife, Chrysidententy and his former friend Cyrene.

The video of the YouTube Channel "Manjubad Raza Penjah Netsen +62" is interviewed by Andaman Hermensia, Sayirini and Krydeiyanthi, "Harmensiya A6".

However, Anan immediately did not receive an answer and decided to ask his wife Ashan first.

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"I asked myself the first thing, could you?" In response to a question asked by Anagh Ashanti, on Tuesday (05/14/2019).

Apparently, his wife gave a green light. Ashanthi admitted that Ananda, Kidzaansi and Sayrani were planning to unite at one stage since last year.

"If you can, we need to take a concert for Mus Anang's show last year," he said.

He also said that anyone who has ever had a close connection with the auspicious time can join in the show.

Anan answered the first Acanthine's response.

"He meant the person," he said.

However, this ambition could not be achieved and there were some limitations.

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