Monday , June 21 2021

Upload photos of the duck with family, Chacha Friederica insulted

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Aunt Frederica recently uploaded her joy at being able to pray the duck with her family in the midst of an epidemic.

Chacha also admitted that he was very grateful to be able to offer Tarawi prayers with his loved ones at church.

In addition, Kendall Regent’s wife also revealed that church prayers still follow health protocols and keep distance.

Masallah Tabarakallah, It is the beginning of the new month of Ramadan.“Uncle Frederica wrote on Instagram on Thursday (29/4).


He also apologized for his sins during the holy month of Ramadan.

Forgive us all. Lord, forgive us allHe added.

Instead of gaining sympathy, Chacha’s upload has drawn insults from Netsin. Many Nets have even commented on the mukena used by Chacha.

Chachacha did not pray with a mukena because his body shape and his genitals were still visible.

mba cacha .. If you pray with a shirt on. You have to wear a long hijab … then it is in order. Sorry, son, mom only advises.@farida *** wrote.

How the genitalia still look, the curve still seems to be that boys know fiqh“You wrote ***.

We recommend that you use the Mukna to pray Abdol“reny *** wrote.

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