Tuesday , May 18 2021

Ant McPartlin cuddles Anne-Marie as a judge to blast him for swerving hearing loss

Ant McPartlin received a big crap from the London High Court today after failing to attend the divorce debates of Lise Armstrong.

Instead, he saw Anne-Marie Corbett's new love at Common Wimbledon as they walked to his and Lisa's favorite dog Hurley.

The couple kissed and hugged between the ball hit Hurley – which is said to be at the center of the custody.

Earlier today, Ant went on for failing to report to a preliminary hearing in which the judge approved his appeal to keep details of his and Linen's financial solution private.

Ant was not in court today

Last night he noticed his new love Anne-Marie Corbett

"Why is not he here?" Mr. Justice Mostyn asked lawyer Jonathan Southgate, who leads the legal team of stars.

"There is no known law and one for the rest of the community."

Lisa, however, came to the royal court of justice who seemed ready to work.

Lisa Appleton attended the hearing

The hearing was organized privately, and Justice Mostyn set limits on what can be reported.

But he said journalists could call Ant and Lise in the discussion reports.

He also stated that I could report that the TV host "promised" because he did not attend.

The referee got the label Ant

"The rules say it should be here – and it can be reported," said Justice Mostyn.

The judge indicated that he could justify Ant's disquieting if he contacted him in advance and gave the reason for that.

It was previously reported that Celeb leader Ant is happy to give half his 62 million pounds luck to Lisa.

He announced that he separated from Lise in January

But one thing that needs to be determined is who gets custody of his pet with Hurley.

Lisa and Ant received divorce in seconds at a hearing last month.

The documents found that it was admitted to adultery as a reason for violating their twelve-year marriage.

They were together 23 years old when they announced their split in January.

The former couple married in 2006, but last month he received an order issued by Judge Alun Jenkins.

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