Tuesday , May 18 2021

The European Commission will finance the Iranian pork and beef promotion in Asia

The European Union has allocated more than EUR 3 million to help promote Irish beef and beef products in Southeast Asia over the next three years.

The Bord Bia campaign will target the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam and will cost EUR 3.9 million, most of which will come from the EU Commission.

This is part of the wider campaign that begins at the beginning of next year, entitled "European pork and beef – excellence in quality and production standards" – and will target 250 million potential consumers in three countries.

The $ 3.16 million EU funding announcement comes immediately after the Minister of Agriculture, Nutrition and Navy Michael Creed completed the weekly trade mission in the region.

Minister Creed said: "I am delighted to acknowledge the financial support of the EU-recognized industrial program and raise awareness of European pork and beef as a high quality product.

"Food Wise 2025 – Our Economically Managed Plan for the Agro-Food Sector envisages a sector that works more strategically and achieves a competitive critical mass on the international market," he added.

I would like to thank the Iranian meat industry for their positive contribution and for their cooperation in co-financing the national element of this program.

Bord Bia argues that the three target countries are potential markets for Irish exports, mainly due to their growing middle class.

Director Bord Bia, Tara McCarthy, said: "Securing this funding highlights trust in Ireland as a well-established exporter of quality, sustainably produced pork and beef.

"This campaign gives us the opportunity to expand our promotional efforts at a time when expanding to international markets becomes more and more important," she added.

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