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Latest Banksy pro-Palestine sparks knocked out with best Israeli art collector – World News

LONDON – Underground artist Banksy this week set off to promote Palestine, creating a provocative poster that made him the Palestinian Minister of Tourism with great praise and smashes others, sparking social media spat with the highest Israeli art collector in London, who said the project was Anti-Semitic .

Batia Ofer, the London-born Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, is known for his left-wing views on Israeli-Palestinian issues. Ofers also possesses a significant collection of post-war and contemporary art. However, the latest salvo of Banksy is, say, a step too far.

"We are very pro-peace, but he said," we will persevere for our right to exist when people are trying to get us up against us, "Batia Ofer in Haaretz said in an e-mail exchange.

The saga began last Friday when Banksy – who recently shocked the art world by cutting one of his footprints just after being sold for $ 1.4 million in Sotheby – announced in his Instagram account that he would show a replica of the barrier separation at the London Fair International Fair. It is the largest fair in the world, with about 50,000 travel agents attending, leading $ 4.2 billion in business deals.

Post from Banksy's Instagram account on November 7, 2018. Instagram

"By opening my first booth at the fair next week, I painted the barrier to separate the replica to promote the Walled Off hotel … We will be on the Palestinian stand that gives free stuff," wrote Banksy, stating the image of the deal to be displayed: two gray concrete slab – imitating a 700-kilometer long wall dividing Israel and the West Bank – and contains two angels representing Israel and Palestine trying to separate the wall.

This is not the first time that Banksy has shown support for the Palestinian case, or has helped Palestine for the first time in its efforts in tourism. The nine-room Bethlehem hotel in Bethlehem, Walled Off in the city of Bethlehem, boasts a tongue on its cheek, offering the "worst view of any hotel in the world," attracting more than 50,000 tourists since it opened last March.

Palestinian Tourism Minister Rula Maayah, who has given Banksy a loan for shouting young people to visit the West Bank, has praised artistic assistance at this week's fair for "…[promoting] Palestine i [focusing] to occupy, but at the same time … talking about the beauty of Palestine. "In the meantime, the organizers of the enthusiastic world tourism markets have praised the attention of artists on social media.

It was no surprise that the Palestinian stand, one of the smallest at fairs, was the venue to be opened on Tuesday – with hundreds of travel agents and other travel experts to get the latest work from the mysterious artists.

Nothing was disturbing Ofer, saying that it is all about tourism in the West Bank and supports some Palestinian reasons, including the annual community she and her husband set for two Palestinian students (together with two Israelis) to attend Harvard Kennedy School.

What had bothered her was a poster in a limited edition of an artist, whom the Palestinian team handed over to their cabin. The bill that Banksy also promoted on his Instagram shows that children use tower towers as a weekend drive. The slogan below reads: "Visit historic Palestine, the Israeli army so much loved never to leave!"

"You can criticize Israel for the current situation, and I'm completely for a double solution and a fight for justice on both sides," Ofer said, addressing Banksy on the artists and his own Instagram page. "But your insinuation we have no right to exist … is embarrassing.In addition – military service in Israel is mandatory! Your poster is condemned by all Israelis! Your posters are reminded of Nazi propaganda in the 1930s and widespread anti-Semitism @banksy #antisemitism"

Ofer enclosed an image by which social media rounded off his post-version of Banksy's posters, replacing the word "Palestine" with "Israel" and switching Banksy's slogan "All are welcome to the only democracy in the Middle East." Children around the watchwatch are marked in Ofero, with the names "Christian", "Palestinian", "Druze," Muslim ", and – a person holding a long flag -" LGBTQ ".

Banksy still did not answer.

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