Wednesday , October 28 2020

Likud Blue and White MKS are trying to fly the ship

Hitman's bench top minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been attempting to push his rival Blue and White to form a coalition government.

Senior members of the Blue and White party said that the officials of the White House had contacted Gandhi Yowerconne this week. Channel 4 News Channel reports that attempts to join a shipwreck jump into Lyskud on board a new jukebox.

Licheud's officers asked Ethiopia's Benei Faction for Immigration and Absorption, which was born in Ethiopia. Yevarkan, who came to the prestige of White and Slave White's White's Slight, says Likud members respect his party, but can not serve under his leadership, he says.

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Yakkarcan had previously been a Liqueur member and fled from the list for the 19th election.

Netanyahu or another blue and white lawmaker would allow Netanyahu to rule the ruling majority without Netanyahu and Yizzel Beto, and is joining extreme Orthodox and religious parties seeking to join the government.

Netanyahu, along with Liberman, declared last Friday that he had completed holding coalition talks. There was no progress in the talks quoted in the Hebrew medium.

May 13, 2019, a meeting of the Keynes Group of Germany, led by Aizder Lebenman, leader of the Eisenite Beitenuum Party. (Return Ribbon Fenton / Flat 90)

Liquoud does not yet have an allied agreement with any other party. After the first 28 days in office, after gaining a ruling majority in Keynes, President Rowling gave Netanyahu's request for a week's extension.

NCC win this year's Yakkkansen Competition It's not the first time Likud has attempted to increase the match.

Earlier this month, Netanyahu's lover, Blue and White Mk. Omar Yankelwaki is seeking to join the coalition, the Israeli daily reported.

According to the newspaper Jaddith Ahunthol, in a joint press conference, Likud's negotiator, Netanyor Eshel, reached a unique extreme Orthodox, attempting to join the coalition of the Yankelevich coalition.

"We do not have a government without her vote," Isel quotes as saying. "Let's go to her in blue and white to Licht."

Blue and White MK On March 30, 2019, Omer Yankelevich presented her with a photo of his family before taking his 21st daughter Kansi. (Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash90)

Ishel has said Yankelevich has directed an artificial body to extraordinarily Orthodox issues associated with Liqueur. It's another blue and white.

Yankeljevitch rejected the report as "Fantasy" and pledged support for Blue and White and its leader, Benji Gantz.

"This is a complete lie," she wrote on Facebook.

Yakkar was the head of the White Military Academy and was a longtime activist for the Ethiopian Jews, and Keith entered on the Blue and White Slite.

He made headlines last month after kissing the feet of his mother after sworn in as a member of the 21st century crystal.

In 2008, he failed in Lucky's internal elections, and failed to succeed in Keynes with Likud in 2012. Earlier this year, he joined Mohammed Telem's party, joining Beirut Ganz's Israeli Resale side, air Lapid's Yesh in blue and white.

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