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Bianca Guasaro has petted a detox photo during difficult times and does not know how to manage a situation – Baritalia News

Bianca Guasero, From this week, she was back in sooner said than doneThe Rai program has always been very popular and beloved in India since early morning. no sooner said than done Originally directed Catarina Balio But, it has been evolving for two years Bianca It has been pointed out from the beginning.

Guasaro She is very confident and brings a good sense of humor to those who follow her from home. Because her simplicity and great professionalism have always been highly valued.

Jonathan makes a joke to Bianca

Jonathan, in “no sooner said than done” He quotes a column on gossip.

Yesterday, during the episode, the authors decided that Jonathan would have to fight Gianzolo Gambi without Guazaro’s consent to introduce the logic of television.

The joke is great Bianca Guasero She responded incredibly and remained silent.

It happened Jonathan Kashanian, The mind was worrying about his moment Super Classica John, Announced Gianpallo Gambi He will not be there because there is no time.

At that point Stems He entered the studio and said in a very harsh tone that he was tired of the situation he had never had.

Next Jonathan and GambyArguing, they left.

An author also came to the studio to calm them down.

Bianca Guasero, She knew nothing because the jokes as well as the audience were for her.You hit me but I love you because I forgive you“Then I became a pet, I don’t know what to do.”

Bianca Guasero is embarrassed when Jonathan leaves the studio

Jonathan, During the episode, he was very embarrassed Bianca Guasero A few seconds later, the studio even gave up.

Let’s see what happened.

There was a conversation in the gossip column Giancarlo Magalli and Jonathan Shows a photo of Magalli As a young man.

those Guasaro Did some evaluation and Jonathan He told her, making fun of her for good, so if she likes men because she is single Magalli If everyone liked her, she would always be alone.

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