Saturday , April 17 2021

Crohn's disease, a cure / treatment drug for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases

Study the drug Crohn's disease there could be a turning point. That could be dictated by Questran, a drug that can give excellent answers, but is currently inaccurate in Italy and will last until the end of February. At the moment, experts argue that there are no drugs that could replace it and that makes the lives of Crohn's patients who can not live a regular life. Actually, without Questran, some need uninterrupted toilet and are therefore considered disabled in all respects. On AIFA's website, you are advised to look for an alternative medicine or if you do not request that health care institutions buy it abroad. If equivalent drugs do not exist, the other option remains quite complex and difficult to develop. Meanwhile, there are many people who do not know how to do it.

Crohn's disease, drug remedy: situation in Italy

In Italy over one hundred thousand people suffer from Crohn's disease, but especially what are we talking about? This is one chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease occurring in the gastrointestinal tractAt this time, the causes of pathology are still unknown to the experts. Crohn's disease is not a contagious disease and does not stimulate certain types of food, but inherited and psychosomatic nature. Repressed patients replace moments of peace and well-being with complete absences of the symptoms, others instead of having the consequences also acutely defined. Questran seems to be a very interesting solution that generally reduces the symptoms and helps patients live a life that can be considered as regular as any other person. The drug-related problem becomes serious and we hope it will be able to do something long before the long-awaited end of February.

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