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He caught the palace in Rome: "Puppies protect the husband of popes: we are about to blaspheme." Asia Presentation


"When the Vatican's Apostle is condemned, we are all ready to declare." Commenting on the announcement made by Andrea Alzetta of Springin time, the spokesman for Condead Cavizsky's father's gesture, directly sent to Pope Francis, broke the number plates of a building in Jerusalem's Church Cross in Rome on September 19 and sealed it off with the sealing of a re-connection of electricity Six days before disqualification. "Cardinal John Senevirathna obeyed the Gospel of Alasta – he first looked at the needs of the suffering people, and the legitimacy of social justice was not an empty jar." In the old building, Inside has been living for 450 years, for 98 years. The palace always includes cultural associations and about 20 rights.



In the end, the geographical cardinal

Robin Hood, Minister of Internal Affairs, heavily criticized yesterday. "Everybody can do what he wants, he told Sattimore at a meeting in the city of Torein, but no one has been paid after silencing the electricity, and the Italian families will have to pay back the troubles they have had, and they can not pay their electricity bills." Serious words are allocated to the feeder.

Rome, Spring Trobles: Living in the darkness of the building on Santa Croce, Jerusalem

I faced the problem of the health of the people and the life of the people, and I did not anticipate such an answer from Minister Salvin, and I expected something else. I personally expected him to intervene. "The lay missionaries and Sister Adrina Dominique and Kevinis who fought for the electricity generation in the dwelling, They returned to the beggar.

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According to Zararisia Adrienne, if your glimpse looks at your situation, you should look at the situation in the building where you are sitting: "You must do the right thing to see if you are working, who are men, their history, and what their life is." Laiji should respond to such a serious and widespread problem for missionaries .However, where there are no churches for these churches, it is normal for a job to continue, because it does not continue for survival. If there are no canteen or wardrobes? "

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Company Areti (Acea) makes a complaint for an abusive relationship

Acea, managing the distribution network in Rome, did not inform the police about a visit by Cardinal Conrad Krayowski, the Spin Time building. As the source explains, this relationship is unclear, which is seriously affected by the nature of the crime of stealing energy. The lack of rulings, the sources emphasize, is necessary to return to the building for the safety of the cabin. The complaint is now expected from the State Lawyers' Office

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Sitting fixed: the site launches a campaign for aid to the Krajewski site

"Your sacrifice is being sponsored by the Holy Father in diamonds by the poor and the poor." Il Simgorgopho, the Vatican's news website, often seizes 450 homeless people, including "the cash donation of the Pope's defender to pay for electricity loans to the poor in the Roman Empire." "Now the story is not only in Italy," said Buddila, coordinator of the Consortium of the Conservative Party, Robert Calvez, who personally supplied electricity to the building of a 450-story building, residents, children, adults and serious illness for days. The people have never been connected to this service for this purpose, and for a week Previously, Asia had promised to re-connect to the network, but it never happened. "Interior Minister Marthetholy Davy said that" the cardholder should pay back the debt again. " Cardinal said, "I'm ready". "Here, as Cardinal Krautradski is offering help, he is directed to a link to the website for the Apostle and he directs his page to all the referrals to send his gifts.

Meanwhile, Spin Tractor LaBrais, a professional sportswoman, confirms that this will be held at 6 pm in the evening.

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