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Here is the final winner of the year 2019 (Photos)


The third chapter in the song: Gabriele Grieco wins
The third chapter in the song: Gabriele Grieco wins

La Corida's final talk

In the night of nighting night, nighttime night Karlo Conley The end of Codrono's convection of success was returned to the final talk of the final scene La Ceida. Apprentice who have previously been appointed has returned to the stage and appointed a jury in the ruthlessness of the public and judging. In fact, they were in the studio: Milio Kallussi, Nino Fresaka and Marko Leoni.

Betel, competition

Karlo Conley The little valley of the evening was chosen by the woman Angela He is 85 years old. The first contender from Cosenza. After congratulating his friends and relatives, he performed "Gloria" by Umbato Tosiscchi and dancing. The second contender IvanaHe is 86 years old Follonica.

The woman sang a double meaning song, 'Mudandine Rikamat'; And & # 39; Trubusian & # 39; The film ended. Then it is God's turn Masa, Italy's most successful duo. They sang Mahmud's song "Money". So he came quickly GoffredoThe character of the actor, which was named Dado, was inadequate and without praise. Then we saw Dario She is a fashion blogger, but in the current episode, she has three members, and is by & # 39; Volare & # 39; Domenico Moderno; Return to & # 39; Celentrap & # 39; Suggests.

Other competitors are the winners

And later after that Small contest In the summer of 2019, the "Torrent-No" program was selected La Ceida Judges "Bella or Chilliella" were victorious. Then we returned to the competition. John He has a great motivation for dancing, and his dancing design has been done by: Soda & # 39; A piece of Alvaro Soller's note.

Then it turned away Dante, The youngest contender and the Barcelona Balloons '& # 39; barriers' It was sung. Then she entered Elena & # 39; To close & # 39; I sang. Another competitor has a crazy ability: he can talk, calculate and SingsIn different languages. So he sings "I love you" by the rich and the poor.

moon Juliano is a housewife. But it started from Kirghizstan, and it's a pixel dancing, and finally, it's very good. The time has come to discover the winner La Coridae's 2019 Summer Eclipse. Today was the winner of the evening Dante His "interpretation".

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