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It stems from infection after femoral surgery

Five days after the death of alleged septicemia after surgery on a 65-year-old Mario Di Flavian from Castelnuovo Vomana, the public prosecutor registered ten people in the register of suspected criminals. To receive a warranty notice as a work at this stage in order to appoint a personal consultant during autopsy, doctors and technicians who have been clinically treated for various reasons 65 years before the infection. In short, they came into contact with him during hospitalization and the most delicate phase of surgery and could therefore be a source of infection.

The unlucky exam is already set, will be held on Friday. The public prosecutor will appoint a medical investigator from the University of Foggia, and the family members of the family will choose Dr. Vita Strusi as a consultant. The investigation was conducted after a complaint – the lawsuit of the same family Marija (with the help of a lawyer, Federico Di Nicole) who immediately turned to investigators immediately after death to seek clarity. They reconstructed the dynamics of hospitalization until you reach the most brilliant epilogue. Intervention at the Mazzini Hospital should be used to insert the prosthesis into the left feminine after a fall caused by a fall at home. E, September 29, when she is 56 years old, very famous in Castelnuovo, because she owns a bar that runs with her husband, they have been admitted to orthopedics. The next October 5th works to insert the denture, but the next day, that is at least what always supports family members in the complaint – lawsuit, Mario begins to have a high septic fever.

On October 28, conditions would get worse for entry into the pharmacological coma. To the death of the presumed sepsis, which occurred around 2am on Saturday night, November 3, after the pimple and further deterioration in the last twenty-four hours of life. The investigator was Prosecutor Davide Rosati, who immediately confiscated the medical documentation and delegated us to control the operating rooms of the Mazzini hospital. After bacterial infection, Mario was transferred from orthopedics to the Department of Infectology where he died of the kidney block. The outcome of the autopsy will now be the foundation. However, as is often the case in these cases, it is not excluded that after the test results are returned, the state attorney decides to have additional advice before closing the investigation. The tips that will serve to further deepen the incident in an investigation that, like all those who characterize cases of patients who died in hospital departments, are announced long and complex.

The suspicion that affects Mario's family now is that the 65-year-old could be rescued if he was operated in another hospital because hepatitis bacteria could not be attacked elsewhere. The doubt to which the judiciary will clarify will go digging in search of a source of infection to understand how it is possible to die after a femoral surgeon for presumed sepsis, between unbearable pain and high temperature, but always surrounded by the love of their family members.

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