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Respect the mister the results – 11 meters. Now there is a wonderful choice. Some bianconeri circumstances may change


Joanettes is expected to be in the "Alagéri" case from the match against the national and the championship. The 12th meeting was held yesterday and a formal signal of the sports club was replaced. Alistiri will not be sitting next year for the Juttenhaus.
There is great hope for the joint media conference scheduled to be held at 2.00 pm today.
After the first meeting leading to a new DreaD, the easiest way to repair it is not. There was no identity of the technical ideals, maybe even from the point of view, but here we were in the field of assumptions. Those who directly intercede for this will be interesting to hear.

In the end, Alagerie Juanettas congratulated. But the tribute or lack of one of us was one of the most successful bianconi history. I've written it a number of times, and I've repeatedly found that many Allegri fans are extremely critical of the critics. Max still confirms the achievements, certainly notably in the last year, especially in the last year, it was not, but the results were on his side, the idea of ​​winning the Champions League also seemed nonsense and forcefully a statement, Garario did not have eight years and neither had two weak teams. Accordingly, other newspapers will be evaluated on the basis of divorce, and we will be better able to understand them at the press conference. The real risk is that it will not be easy to win the algorithms that win, and those in that place will be subject to massive pressure.

So respect the Masimilia Algiers, a master of the major legends of Juanatus's history. Turn the page, the game will be the game: Who is the next coach? Write them about all the colors and write them. I am still convinced that a company like Joune was already no longer separated from his (triumphant) trainer without his experience. Simply put, it is interpreted and separated from the jury, and we do not believe in the new coach tomorrow. We already have something to do. Surprising …

They see dreams of Clop and Guardian. Even Pothto-Tino's schemes are full of noise (I think the 20 million capital I have read is no exaggeration) until the French Federation until the year 2020. Symone Injection, in the psepanium. Then there could be a stranger. Conette may have been, but Agnelli is going to be in a mutually intertwined, mutually-irrespective of the return of Agnelle (despite Nedvard pressure).

Instead, I think Corinth may later be a suitable trainer for Alice later in the day: a negative motivation, a negative motivation, a desire to restart a story eight years ago, you might have used such a strong revolution in the Rose Happened.

Relationships are loosened over time, although five years ago it was bad. However, Conte will come to the international competition. The training problem for bianconeri will exist. Who is it?

If I believe, you need to wait another week or 10 days. It can be like algorithms 5 years ago. Obviously the choice of the new coach will affect the market. Kassello can no longer be started at Algery's farewell ceremony, and the positions of both Debbie and Douglas Costa may vary. Now, the judiciary of the judiciary has been released, and we look forward to free, huge and great moves in the market as grooming coaches … Let's get started with dancing!

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