Thursday , July 29 2021

Rugby league, Luigi Di Miao: "He influences lawyers to accuse me"

After Ardamo Siri, Between the new political-military fronts M5s and League It Edward Rixy. Filing for infrastructure and trials for the "craziest cost" of the League League in the Libya region. This On May 30th The punishment comes, though Luigi Di Mayo Already threaten to "resign."

"The things that have never been seen in the past 20 years," say. Salvini

"I do not think about the five stars, let me do what he tells me Level SalvinNot the Mayo. He is happy that Ranil Wickremesinghe, being a government officer, is also the Minister of Economic Development. Corriere del Sarah. Like the majority of disbelief, this bitterness is evident: "If we are not four years old, I will think of it, unless I know GiorgettiHe needs to fish again. I want to rise to the mountains. But they are weak … "they are indeed Burnin:" My decision will be on the 30th of May. It was necessary to throw it An election campaign Five days ago? I can not read and understand the process in the process. Indeed, they have been done Pressure on forces Persuade. Claims not heard about government members' judgments …

Then he has political problems he is worried about. "5 The drawing of the star is a matter of regret dl growth There are possible steps to shut downIlvaWe have failed to close Ghan Szoro TunnelAnd the broken bridges I had in the Genova … Although the harbor was to be excavated, the Senate Commission of the Chairperson of those chairs negatively commented on them. The institution for supervision of rail and rail track monitoring (Ansfisa) does not know when the institution will be active. This is a big worry. "

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