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The collapse and stock markets in the by-product of upward revisions


The turbulent moment for stock markets continues with a poorly managed session for Piazza Affari.

Pizza Affari

By the end of the day Pizza Ophari was -0.22% (21.105 points). The gap between Italian bonds and the Italian BTS has decreased by 278 percent. The 10-year-old star is 2.68%.

Stock markets in the old continent

The new pressure for bractits is a difficult case for fossis 100 to -0.07% in other European countries. Things in Paris are not good. Cac 40 actually drops by 0.1% and the Frankfurt dock drops 0.5%.

Wall Street

Only a moment's start is Wall Street. In fact, at 5 pm, the S & P 500 index was up 0.26%. The Dove score is 0.17%. Supporting the supply of basic data from the University of Michigan in May of May. The first paragraph was 102.4 points, and by April 97, it is 97.2 times more than the final score, and is 97.7 steady.

PlazaAfarias: lunchtime Jutten

The title of the day? Juventus. Prior to 3 pm, Fezo Bubble carried 5% (or 4.9%) of a positive territory. On the other hand, the closure is 1.94%. The Italian market was definitely in the running after another tampoe step against the return of the Bettile fear and pressure.

Massimilha Algeri and Juanes were divorced

This announcement was issued with a tri-voice announcement. But tomorrow (Saturday), Saturday morning, Saturday morning, Saturday morning, 2 am, the trainer (now former) and President Andrea Agnelli will conduct a convention. Printed media in full detail about the decision. There can be dissatisfaction with the team's removal from the Chengji League. Simon Isagi, Mauricio Pocatino, Didier Deschamps, Joso Modino.

The other head of Italian stock markets

It's really very open today morning. Indeed, on the first in the market on the first hour, from the first hour of the sale, the excellence of the protection of the grade names, after the NL startup + 0.13% after the standard 15 + after 15%. Meanwhile, the NL's financial statement for 2018 closed with an average net profit of 4.0 billion euros, and a 0.28-profit dividend was also partly reported. The renewal plan was confirmed to renew 2 billion (4.92% of the capital).

Stock market: the prospects and trends in progress

By today, the picture frame has somewhat changed, and the context is very weak, but it is based on decimation. It is set to be held on May 22 next week. How this will end on this trading day will be pressed in the medium term.

Next week it will be confirmed: it will start again if it is up or is it immediately tentacles and the annual high scores are recorded?

Projections for the 20th week of the week and stock market trends

Dow Jones


At least 25,576 / 25,773 sq.m.

A maximum area of ​​26,331 / 26,502

Reversed point: Daily shutdown is less than 25.218

Nasdaq C.


At least 7,775 / 7,866

8,071 / 8,125

Reversed point: Less than 7,622 closed days

S & P 500


At least 2,841 / 2,866 people

Increased to 2,935 / 2,963

Reversed point: Daily shutdown less than 2,800

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