Wednesday , April 14 2021

New corona confirms 32 new infections Governor’s “ability to request to avoid going out”[එහයිම්](TV Ehime) – Yahoo! News – Yahoo! news

  1. New Corona 32 confirmed infection “Avoid requesting”[එහයිම්](TV Ehime) – Yahoo! newsYahoo News
  2. 32 new infections in the state | Ehime Shimbon OnlineIts newspaper
  3. [බ්‍රේකින් නිවුස්]Thirty-two infected people in Eheim province “Restrict activity in Matsuyama city” (ITV) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo News
  4. 32 New Infections in Eheim Province “Infections Acquired by the Matsuyama Community Are Nearing to Spread” (Ai TV) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo! Japan
  5. New Corona has confirmed 32 new infections with a cumulative total of over 1500[එහයිම්](TV Ehime) – Yahoo! NewsYahoo News
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