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The official service of the “Octopus Traveler Continental Champion” began. Customer-like single-game RPG that you can play slowly on your own

Square Enix is ​​a smartphone app today (October 28, 2020)“Octopus Traveler Continental Champion”(IOS / Android) Official service launched.

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This function is used to install RPG for Nintendo Switch / PC.October TravelerThis is the latest title in the series and it is a consumer-like game that you can play with one person.“Single Drama RPG”It has become. In this book, it is said that a new story unfolds a few years ago on the continent of Orstella, where the eight main characters traveled in the “Octopus Traveler”.

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New smartphone app launched by Square Enix on October 28, 2020“Octopus Traveler Continental Champion”We present the drama report. Although this function is a smartphone game, it is “specific to a single game”,It’s an infallible version of the Octra.

2020/10/23 12:00

Simultaneously, there are 64 main characters on the “Special” page of the official website.Distribution of Twitter iconsbut,Official TwitterThen, the voice actors will win the automatic coloring paper lotteryRelease the commemorative campaignIn addition, the Octopus Traveler, held at Olympus Hall Hachioji in July 2019Provide a live sound sourceLaunched on every music distribution website.

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“Octopus Traveler Continental Champion”
Official service starts today, October 28th!
The launch of the commemorative campaign has also begun!

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Square Enix Ltd (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Yosuke Matsuda, hereinafter Square Enix) October 28, 2020 RPG “Octopus Traveler” launches Continental Continent. We would like to inform you that the official service (Wednesday) has started.

Have fun with your smartphone
The latest blockbuster product from Octopus Traveler
Go to the story you are looking for –

RPG for Nintendo Switch / PC with over 2 million sales and downloads worldwide In addition, it features RPG, a single play that develops a new story.

Understand the fantastic world of HD-2D with the “dot image” and “3DCG” screen effects on your smartphone. Organize a party of 8 people and fight a high command battle. A key element is the field command, where you can enjoy various communications with the people of the city.

Enjoy the new role of “Wealth, Power and Fame” through a game system that optimizes the appeal of the “Octopath Traveler” for smartphones.

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Share the Twitter icons of 64 main characters!

We have begun distributing the Twitter icons of the 64 main characters on the “Special” page of the “Octopus Traveler Continental Champion” official website. Please use all media. (Special page:

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Release the Mem Memorial! Comes with the hashtag “Taby Tako-kun” “#OctraContinental Champion”!

To celebrate the official launch of the service, if you post the hashtag “#OctraContinental Champion” on Twitter for 3 months from today (Wednesday, October 28), the “Tabby Taco-Kun” diagram will appear. Please use the hashtag “#Champion of the Octra Continent” during the period.

Release the Mem Memorial! Twitter campaign held!
“Octopus Traveler Continental Champion” Official Twitter Account (OCTOPATH_SP .

The “Octopus Traveler Continental Champion” begins your journey by choosing one of three stories about human desires: wealth, power and fame. In this campaign, the app completes by selecting the desires you want from the targeted tweets and posting them. Post an app tweet so you can see the video dedicated to the campaign, so please apply.

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How to apply

1) Official Twitter account (OCTOPATH_SP ) Follow

2) Select and post “What you want” from the Tweet button on the target tweet
3) Also, adding a “reason for request” to the app tweet will increase the winning rate!

Period Application time
October 28, 2020 (Water) 14:05 to November 1, 2020 (Sun) 23:59

Content Current content
(1) Two from the lottery for Atsuko Tanaka’s self-colored paper (the role of the “greedy witch” Herminia, the last man in wealth)
(2) Two from the lottery for the self-colored paper by Mr. Rikiya Koyama (the role of the “hero” Titus with the ultimate power)
(3) Two people from the lottery for self-colored paper by Desuke Namikawa (the role of the famous “playwright” Augusto)
(4) Eight people win the lottery for the 10,000 yen Amazon prize certificate

OC has started distributing live audio sources on “Octopus Traveler”!
Live sound distribution of the Octopus Traveler at Olympus Hall Hachioji in July 2019 has begun. From “Octopus Traveler Continent Conqueror”, the battle song “Battle Advance” with the enemy symbol is recorded in a live version.

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The name of the album

T October Traveler Break, Push and Live Beyond!

Site distribution site (some sites are listed only)
Sound Normal sound source
[ඇමේසන් ඩිජිටල් සංගීතය]

Resolution High resolution sound source
Please check all delivery services for details.

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