Wednesday , April 14 2021

[정치][현장영상] Prime Minister Chung “If the 4th epidemic becomes a reality, vaccine disruption will be inevitable”

[앵커]The Corona 19 Central Disaster and Safety Precautions Headquarters Meeting is currently being held at the Jeonbuk Provincial Office under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Jeong Sai-Gyun.

We listen to all the comments from Prime Minister Chung’s meeting a while ago.

[정세균 / 국무총리]
The flame at Corona 19 is rarely caught, but it is spreading more widely.

Group infections that have hitherto taken place in the capital have been seen simultaneously in all parts of the island since last week.

Areas with multiple confirmed cases are no exception.

The number of cases where the route of infection is not known has also increased.

Corona 19 penetrates more closely into everyday life than we think.

Today the screenplay will be held at the Jeonbuk Provincial Office.

Recently, the infection has spread to normal places of daily work, such as workplaces, public baths, pubs, and mart in gionbooks.

In order to prevent the spread of small flames to a large fire, we must make every effort to prevent the spread of the disease by rapid epidemiological and preventive testing.

The remote phase, which is currently operational, ends this weekend.

The government is monitoring the situation day by day and will carefully review quarantine measures next week and beyond.

By combining pro-wisdom with specialized experts, we will seriously consider additional measures for quarantine quarantine.

Here, the corona 19 cannot be slowed down so that if the 4th eruption becomes a reality, the existing vaccine will be disrupted.

The quarantine front will deal a huge blow to our economy, which we have been struggling with so far.

Many citizens are tired of the Corona 19 incident that has been going on for more than a year, but unfortunately the speed of the virus is exhausting.

We sincerely urge you to constantly mobilize for quarantine. Then we can protect our families and neighbors from the corona 19 that is constantly targeting our gaps.

The government will do its utmost to prevent the 4th eruption.

In particular, we will further expand diagnostic tests to quickly find patients who are hiding within the local community.

To date, a free diagnostic test for corona 19 has been conducted, depending on the social distance stage, and the presence or absence of symptoms.

In the future, we will expand free testing so that anyone can have free diagnostic tests at all public health centers across the country, regardless of distant stage or symptoms.

It is true that the symptoms of corona 19 are difficult to distinguish from the common cold symptoms, even from the point of view of the medical staff.

If you have any thoughts, please go to the nearest public health center and get tested.

Bang Dae-Bon and Jungsu-Bon, each local government bodies, are actively promoting the improvement plan for diagnostic tests and are continuing to implement additional measures to make testing more accessible to the public.

Today is the day of the re-election of 21 local government employees.

The government will strictly manage the quarantine to ensure that the people vote safely, even in the worst case scenario 19.

We will do our best to support the self-quarantine vote.

I urge the people to use a valuable vote by carefully observing the quarantine regulations at polling stations such as wearing masks and staying away.

We urge you to actively cooperate in ensuring the right to vote in the service.

Thank you.

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