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Ivanshev, who attended the protest, 5.18


On May 18th, Hawan, who participated in a protest of members of the 5/18 memorial group and members of civil society at the 39th anniversary celebration of the democratic movement, symbolized the May Air Code symbol.

On June 18, Huaghti called on President Democrat Lee Li Heen to accompany President Man Jé with President Man Jée at the ceremony at the 5/18 Democratic Cemetery in Guanajuan.

He sang the song, and to his right, to his right, his song was blown over his voice and sang over his path.

When I became the Prime Minister in the 5/18 5th of August, I am alone in singing.

When he participated in the May Day celebration May 1, he sang small movements and songs of his lips.

Mr. Hwang met President Jay Along with the President and congratulated the President.

Just 30 minutes before the May Day commemoration, Havan met people from the Gateway of the Democratic People's Gate, hundreds of citizens, and some members of the memorial service on May 18.

The protesters from Hawaii who protested against participating in the protest against the participation of the representative of Haven without a disciplinary action against Havan's party, the representative of Haven, must "turn back to Hansaghan."

The police and other security guards made a human arm and took them to the Hall of Haveng, and there was a bitter struggle to push and push the place.

During this process, President Huang met plastic chairs and said, "Where are you from?"

Haven did not fit into the chair. But as he was dashing around the crowd, he lost his center.

The event took about 100 minutes to the security checkpoint for more than 20 minutes.

At the end of the celebration, NGO members carried out an agitation when they migrated to the monument to protest and agitations.

They put water bottles in slogans such as "Forgiveness", "Go Back", and "Self Destruction."

The Harvard group was limited in hard-earned statements, but ultimately the escort team managed to escape through the monument.

The rear guard gates of the cemetery were removed in order to protect the representative car in Havana.

Haven arrived at Gwangju on March 3 and was baptized in water.

Haven said, "I realize that I have understood the feelings of those who refused to visit me and completely understood their feelings." Just one and a half and a half, "I think that the representative of the Korean people is free and I will include it deeply."

He said that he will visit ghangyu resident gentile and guanaju people until he will heal Guwanjo's wounds and open the hearts of the people.

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