Wednesday , April 14 2021

Medical Newspaper Mobile Website, “PCA Catheter is effective in controlling pain after repairing rotating cuff tears”

[의학신문·일간보사=이승덕 기자]Research has shown that the PCA catheter procedure is called a painless injection and is effective in controlling pain after repairing the spinal cord.

Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital at Haleem University is a researcher on pain management after Professor Giu-Chiol Noh’s orthopedic surgery team repaired a spinal cord (Professor announced in the January 7 issue that it was announced on the 7th.

From May 2012 to January 2019, the research team observed 93 patients undergoing arthroscopic rotator cuff repair at Ganganam Sacred Heart Hospital, Halim University.

In general, the upper scapular nerve (the nerve connected to the shoulder muscle in the scapular region at the back of the shoulder) is blocked to control postoperative pain. It was also established that the risk of complications is lower when the procedure is performed on peripheral nerves than in central ones.

Furthermore, for pain relief, the research team proposed a catheter insertion (PCA catheter), an autoimmune pain injection solution administered by a pain control agent after ruptured cuff indication and ultrasonic nerve block surgery. The PCA catheter is also known as a painless injection.

Prof. Giu-Chiol No (left) and Prof. Jeong-yeon Kim of Halim University Hospital

Automatic pain injection solution Catheterization is not only more effective at controlling pain than traditional oral, internal analgesic or brachial plexus nerve blocks, but also controls recurrent pain after pain control, shortens hospitalization time, and is faster. There are several advantages. Such as high patient satisfaction after rehabilitation and surgery.

Professor Giu-Chiol Noh said, “Controlling pain after repairing a rotator cuff is more important than surgery. But the new procedure presented this time shows the speed of success, the stability and the effectiveness of the procedure. ” It was low, ”he said.

This study won him the Best Essay Award at the 27th Spring Conference of the Korean Shoulder and Elbow Medical Association in 2019 under the title ‘Efficacy of a Direct Arthroscopy-Guided Superscapular Nerve: A Future Random Study After Repairing an Arthroscopic Rotating Cuff’. .

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