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People are in a hurry to go shopping – forming queues at resumption shops / Letter / LSMLV

From Wednesday, April 7, non-existent visitors to large shopping malls with an area of ​​more than 7,000 square meters will reopen. Open stores must meet strict security requirements. On Wednesday, there were long lines of buyers outside the stores. In some places they had to stay on the road for more than an hour to buy the oldest item.

On Wednesday, the smiles on the faces of shopkeepers and store employees could not be hidden by masks and noses, which is a mandatory requirement for safe trading. Finally, people are happy to be able to buy the goods they want in person.

People are in a hurry to go shopping – queuing up at shops that have resumed workLinda Spundina

The shoe and clothing store “Etrus Souls” has opened its doors to visitors after a long hiatus.

“We are very happy that the shops are finally open. There are baskets at the entrance to the store to determine the number of people. We had never had such a basket before. We have specifically given them for the current limits so that we can control the number of people. We can have up to 20 people in this store, ”said Catharina, a marketing specialist at Four Souls.

Customers were standing behind the door when the store opened.

“Most were around 11.00 – before start time. Now it’s the number of people. [iepirkties], ”Says Katrina.

A young mother who already has a few pairs of shoes in her shopping cart. “Clothes were bought online, but the shoe store was more in demand because shoes were more difficult to buy and were often short-lived,” she admits.

Respondents reveal that they have so far purchased everything they need from online stores but do not hide the joy of opening stores.

On Wednesday, as you walk the streets of Riga, there are tens of thousands of people queuing outside the mall.

No shoulder-to-shoulder distance – such a scene could be seen in many places near shops in Riga on Wednesday.

“Trousers for a baby, he’s growing. Great growth. I’m waiting for the queue to run a bit. The boy is growing, you can not buy without a measure,” says Days of Riga.

The second time there were particularly long lines in clothing stores. In the old town near the separate shops, the end of the line should be found across the street. The desire to get dirty in anticipation of spring has made many people forget the still valid requirement for a distance of two meters. Also, the time you have to spend in line is not a hindrance.

“I wanted to see who had the discount,” says Paula of Riga, who had to spend an hour.

However, the opportunity to shop does not seem to motivate everyone.

“I always have everything, I don’t need anyone to run after me. Now I want lamb, I went to the market. But it’s sad, close the theater, close the cinema, where to go? Says Rita in Riga.

In the morning, the parking lot of the building depot called “Depot” was almost full. There were no queues outside the point of sale because the flow of buyers is smooth as residents go to the store with a specific purpose. Guests already knew what they were buying.

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