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The Latvian Bank closes a number of eagles dedicated to gold in the orphanage / Article / LSM.LV

On Thursday, Bank of Latvia will issue gold coins "Golden Brooch Bubble Sack" (denomination of coin is 75 euros). The bubble in Novgorod completes a series of Latvian gold coins devoted to the Latvian national anniversary that celebrates Latvia's 100th anniversary of the state, according to representatives of the Latvian bank.

In November 2016, a collector was issued spark proofingAugust 2017 – money s snap-on rendering, but this year, in the year of the jubilee year, this series is encircled by a special gold coin, which is decorated with crystals by its original historical design. A set of all three gold coins will be available for purchase.

For many centuries, bubbles were a gorgeous female ornament that had significant value in their time and became part of the Latvian national costume. The gold coins in the bank of Latvia are a special place in the gift of the centenary of the Latvian state, because this historic event will be preserved as a notable value not only in memory but also in gold, with cultural and historical experience.

This series of coins dedicated to ornamentation – three present-day Latvian regions, characterized by different centuries, have been transferred to the form of banknotes – make luxury jewelry for Latvia on birthdays.

The collection of gold brooches, bouquets and gold coins has created a graphic design Ingere Elere, but a plastic formulation – Jānis Strupulis, I. Elere formed another series of coins.

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The gold brooches, Bubble Jacket, were made in Austria. The letters "#Latvia", "# bubble", "# 17_18gs", "75 euro" and "# 2018" on the front of the gold coin, but vice versa – stylized in the 17th century. the order of bubbles.

According to Eller's art idea, a bunch of coin-operated brochures encompasses centuries of history, while monuments are located on the front of the coin, highlighting the space we live in at this time.

It speaks of ancient times in Latvian history, and the other side of the coin – how we communicate today in the virtual environment, social networks, as we point out themes of interest to us.

The history of the exploitation of the denomination in the Latvian area began with various brooches of the Early Iron Age (1st-4th century) – t. eye brooches, tutzsaktas, crossbones, stopsacts and rounded eyelashes with openwork wheel, intersection and creature motifs. The oldest brocades were imported, but craftsmen, using these samples, started to produce brochures, reflecting local aesthetic and spiritual concepts in their forms.

Adults and children wore and decorated dresses. The shape and decoration of the saint has both garment dressing and protective (roulette as an amulet). The shape, size and material have changed, but the brooches have survived to this day as one of the most popular jewelry types.

17th century In the Latvian jewelery of various forms that were popular in the previous centuries, a new kind of brochure has gradually evolved. Their arches are decorated with semi-glorious altitude – bubbles – of which the jewelry has its name – the heads of bubbles.

Large, luxury envelopes made of silver and often even gilded.

The orders were one of the most luxurious Latvian women's ornaments, and they often incarnated the owner's name and year of creating or giving brochures.

The orders of burial were found throughout the territory of Latvia, although their decorative styles and traditions are slightly different. For example, in Southern Kurzeme, these brooches do not break apart one by one, but one above the other, placing them in size and finally fixing the silk ribbon. Luxury jewelry was the pride of rich Latvian peasants and was often passed from generation to generation. Such pieces as family relics in families are often preserved to this day.

New money from 8 November at 8.30 am will be available in the Bank of Latvia collection for the purchase of money and other numismatic products e-monetas.lv as well as in the offices of the Bank in Latvia at K. Valdemara 1B, Riga and Teatro 3, Liepaja.

Cash Costs in Cash Deposits at the Bank of Latvia and on the website e-monetas.lv – 560,00 euros. Maximum circulation of coins is 1000 copies. On November 8, the first circulation work will be sold – 400 copies.

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