Wednesday , April 14 2021

The “penguins” without 5 bloggers scored 5 goals in one season, while the mason “hat-trick” –

The Bruins and Penguins competed against each other for the sixth time this season. Previously, the Bostonians did quite well, winning these races three times. Tonight, the fight was more confidently started by the “Penguins”, with Mark Jankovsky putting the visitors ahead 1: 0 in the fourth minute. Penguin Opponents were allowed to threaten their fortress six times in the first 20 minutes.

Pittsburgh’s five goals came in second and third place against the Penguins. “Penguins” goalkeeper Casey Ten defeated Patrice Bergeron and David Pastrox in the third minute – 2: 1 “Bruins”. However, in the sixth minute of the period, the “Penguins” took a minimal advantage (3: 2), after excellent passes from team members, Jaroslav Halak, Jake Jensel and Jared McCann scored.

By the end of the third, the Bruins got off to a good start W It should be noted that the leading hockey players of both teams started the fight from 5 to 5 as a result of a 5: 3. 3: 3 result, using the numerical majority to David Craigsch, going to Brad Mason and realizing a cunning machine pass in front of the target. .

In the fifth minute of the final period, Cody Sissy brought the Penguins closer to a goal deficit (4: 5), but in the 54th minute Boston took the lead with two right-footed strikes, with Pastrock scoring the second goal of the match – 6: 4. The experienced Penguins were saved by an experienced defender in the minority a few years ago, but even in this hopeless situation, the Pittsburgh team was able to regain the hope of scoring, with Sydney’s cross-breeding goal of 75 seconds counting (5: 6). The “Penguins” star went to the opponent, and the duck exploded through Halak’s bodyguards. As soon as the center was thrown, “Bruins” striker Patrice Bergeron scored a 2 + 2 minute breach against Crosby.

The “Bruins” then killed the whole Curiosity with a long shot from a goal – 7: 5. The Bruins finished fourth in the East Court Division with 43 points from 34 games, and the Penguins finished third with 38 points from 38 fights. Is in place.

The Penguins’ next game is expected to be against the New York Rangers on the night of April 7th.

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