Wednesday , April 14 2021

"Herca Barma" .. chances for big teams to qualify for the final price of the Champions League

Fourth round of the Champions League ended on Wednesday, and some teams that secured their place in the last 16 tournaments, such as Barcelona, ​​Porto and Bayern München, Manchester City.

There are some great teams that are not yet qualified so Al Fajr Sport offers you the ability to qualify for the next round in the following two rounds:

– Tottenham:

Tottenham's position is particularly tough because it is the third in the group with 4 behind Inter and 7 and Barcelona 10, and needs to win Barca and Inter and get 6 points to secure the qualification.

– Liverpool:

The third set seems to be very complicated, as Reds and Napoli have 6 points, and Paris 5 and Red Star 4, and Red have to win the next two games at PSG and Napoli and get 6 points after two stars have lost the Red Star .

– Paris Saint-Germain:

French rivals need to win 6 points from the last two rounds and beat Liverpool and the Red Star to qualify for the win.

– Manchester United:

Although he was not qualified for the next round, but he has a good chance of reaching the knockout stage after winning Juventus and reaching point 7, two points behind Valencia, but in the next two rounds, at least to win the game and draw the other without losing.

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