Wednesday , April 14 2021

Roland Garros talks about the delay

The French Ministry of Sports has announced that the second Grand Slam tournament of tennis will be held with the organizers of the French Open from May 23 to June 6 at the Roland Garros Stadium. A few days “and” setting the conditions for the reception masses “.

“The terms of the public acceptance are being discussed with the organizers, and there are discussions about the delay of a few days,” he said. Giles Moreton, the new president of the French Tennis Federation, said in late March that he was working on almost every occasion. The only thing he “didn’t dare” to think about was tough: one hundred percent capacity or a complete cancellation.
The man, who took over the presidency of the federation on February 13, said: “So far we have been competing. The championship is still on time. But if they announce a complete shutdown within two months, we will have to take action. “Cancellation may be the worst case scenario,” he said. ”
In 2020, the championship was postponed for several months due to the Corona virus epidemic, before it was finally held in September with the participation of thousands a day, with all sports currently being held in France but behind closed doors.

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