Thursday , November 26 2020

Russian security: "Nasra" is ready to instigate at Idlib using chemicals

Russia's defense ministry has announced that provocative pro-assassination of Russia and, in some parts of the world, Nasr is preparing to probe provocations near the city of Sarkib in the Ilbr region.

Moscow – Sputnik. According to residents of Zarkeyb, residents of the area are ready to ward off this germs area, and the use of toxic chemicals is rushed from Russian territory from other parts of Syria. The provocations aim to blame the Russian air force. Idlib Governorate is using chemical weapons against civilians.

The film says that the Russian air force will use a video used by chemical weapons near Saraqab and a video through social media.

The statement further goes on to say: "The reconfiguration of the population's population for reconciliation in Syria was confirmed by another independent channel in the verification process."

The Sham Liberation Organization controls the current situation of the Front Front of the Al Qaeda Terrorists Organization of the LTTE in various cities and cities in the province of Ilidh.

Apart from the Al-Nusra Liberation Organization, there are several terrorist organizations in the Northern and Northern Provinces, religious guards, Turkey's Islamic Party, Ansar al-Tawhid, and several other national groups.

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