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Tarawih prayers return to mosques in 6 Arab countries during Ramadan | Arabic and international news

Mosques in Arab countries come to welcome pilgrims during the month of Ramadan, especially during the Tarawi prayers, after the doors were closed during the month of Ramadan. To prevent the spread of the rising corona virus (Kovid-19).

As of Monday, six countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt and Algeria, had announced that they would allow homework, Friday sermons and Tarawi prayers in mosques.

Meanwhile, the Sultanate of Oman and Jordan have announced that Tarawi prayers will not be held in mosques during the month of Ramadan, which begins on April 13 and ends on May 12, according to astronomical calculations.

As the corona epidemic continued, six countries imposed precautionary measures, including a maximum time limit for duck prayer, closure of torture sites, physical abstinence, wearing a mask, wearing a special prayer robe, and banning religious lessons and groups. Breakfast.

The following is an overview of what the mosques in these Arab countries will look like during the month of Ramadan, the Anadolu agency said.


For those who obtain a permit from the “Umrana” application of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, I have announced homework and Tarawi prayers and the distribution of single meals for breakfast at the Grand Mosque in Makkah Al-Mukarrama. According to the presidency of the two mosques, on March 28, just days after the announcement of the establishment of the Tarawih of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. Allowing other mosques in the country to remain open during Ramadan following preventive measures.


The semi-curfew will continue during Ramadan and the time has been changed from 7pm to 5am and those who wish to walk will be allowed to go to mosques near their homes, according to a ministerial statement. Essa Al-Kandari on Endowments and Islamic Affairs, in early April.

United Arab Emirates

The General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Privileges has announced that Isha and Tarawi prayers will not exceed 30 minutes, with a ban on holding breakfast tables in mosques and their courtyards, and the location of the Qiyam prayer in the last ten days due to the epidemic. 17th day.

Management Iraq

The Ministry of Health has “no intention of taking any new action during the blessed month of Ramadan.” This means that the five daily prayers, as well as the Tarawih, are allowed to remain in the mosques. , Riyadh Abdul Ameer, to the Official Iraq News Agency, April 4 / This April.


Work in mosques during the month of Ramadan is limited to compulsory prayers, Friday sermons and Tarawi prayers, and the banning of itikaf and the opening of women’s prayer areas, according to a statement from the Ministry of Endowment, 1.

Management Algeria

A statement from the Ministry of Religious Affairs said on April 1 that the time taken for the opening of churches for five daily prayers, Friday prayers and Tarawih, Tarawi prayers will not exceed 30 minutes. During Ramadan, curfews are in effect in nine of the 58 states from 11pm to 4am.

Sultanate of Oman

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Supreme Court Committee against Corona announced on Monday that “all commercial activities and the movement of persons and vehicles will be banned from 9pm to 4am throughout Ramadan”. News Agency.

These include the decision not to hold Tara prayers in mosques, to ban all Ramadan gatherings altogether, and to ban social, sports, cultural and other group activities during the month of Ramadan.


The Jordanian government also decided. Fajr, Maghrib, Isha, Tarawi and Friday prayers were banned from being held in mosques on March 28, according to a government spokesman.

Similarly, the broad curfew will continue to operate on Fridays and the rest of the week, from 6 pm for institutions, 7 pm for individuals and 6 pm for the next day, May 15.

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