Thursday , November 26 2020

The Tanger-Ovad Tay won the match again

At the evening of the match between Waddit Artslere and his Tepper, at the end of the evening, at the home of Thai Gokko, in Casablanca, a new fight was played to overcome the 29th round of the league between Waddad and Raja.

Al-Hudgdad's baton was fired in a few seconds at the beginning of the first half of the first half, and was unable to take the lead in the field.

The "Boggs of the Bots" responded by responding to the impact of the initial attack by the human-made assault on the Abdul Caberian plain. At the 16th minute, after a tactile phrase between his troops, the target was threatened by Techetini's global friend Reza Tekatuti. On the other hand, in the Second Step of the Wisdom Principles, there has been some decline in the game's onset from the beginning of the game.

When the coach influenced Favi Benzencrint Tanger's goal, Ayub al-Kadhavi was hit by a rapid innings in the 41st minute. With a clean target.

Two friendly people, Hisham Al-Mujaid, started the second half, and members of his team were threatened with security and security, and Benz returned to the news and stopped the attack on Mohamed Al Jazeera.

The judge of the match had a confrontation between friendly fans and second-in-court umpire Kamal Al-Ragashi for a few minutes and tried to compete with the Al-Wadajd player.

In the final round, Valiad Al-Cardi exerted his aggressive pressure. Mohamed Al-Nahyyri and Ashraf Dari defeated the second-finals.

At the end of the match, Mismi Al-Nirmra scored 89 runs in the 89th minute.

Ojwal scored 55 runs in the afternoon's game, while Tiergir scored 40 and 5 respectively.

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