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Epidemiologist: Looking forward to the weekend

This means that the quarantine was introduced on November 7 and has now been extended to December 17. The Minister of Health, Oreligas Veriga, Head of State Emergency Operations, and Greta Gargasina, Chief Special Officer, Infectious Diseases Management Division, National Center for Public Health (NVSC), answered these and other questions at a press conference on Thursday.

A fracture can occur at the end of the week

There are currently about 850 active COVID-19 eruptions in Lithuania. The most relevant of these is the shelter at the Kudirka Naomiestis Parish Social Assistance Center.

Many cases have been registered in major Lithuanian cities.

Santara Clinic Anesthesia Intensive Care and Pain Treatment Center.  In short, it is simply called the first revival section.

Santara Clinic Anesthesia Intensive Care and Pain Treatment Center. In short, it is simply called the first revival section.

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“The most pressing issue right now is quarantine, whether it will pay off,” he said. At the moment, according to experts, we do not have the same growth as before. This is a good sign.

The quarantine curve is still slightly higher, which is an easing effect we observed before quarantine. The word quarantine means 40 days in which we can expect a counter result or significant effect.

Today, Lithuania is living on the 20th day of the quarantine, so you can expect a break this weekend. But since the last 40 days are not yet over, there is still no better time to assess its results and results, ”the NVSC representative explained.

G. According to Gargasiana, the effects of the quarantine can already be seen in the assessment of the eruption, as there were no explosions associated with rest areas – dance studios, ice stadiums, etc.

However, Mr Veriga noted that while the return turnout of coronary heart disease patients this weekend was positive, it was not as large as expected. As a result, quarantine easing should not be expected next week.

“I still don’t see any basis for mitigation,” the interim minister said.

Supermarkets are not closing yet

Supermarkets during quarantine

Supermarkets during quarantine

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In an interview with Knowledge Radio on Thursday morning, Mr. Veriga hinted that “nothing bad will happen if the big supermarkets are not active on the weekends,” but explained at a press conference that the closure of supermarkets so far was only a “theoretical assumption” from Latvia. , Has introduced such a limit based on the closure of supermarkets.

The interim minister was unable to respond to the possibility of shopping malls being closed over the weekend.

“I do not know what the probability is, because it is up to the government to decide what the whole government can do, but as I have repeatedly said, this is a place where people gather and have close physical contact and the disease is still spreading. A place to go. ”A.

“Virus does not know, calendar does not know”

When asked by the Interim Minister how he would assess the comments, he said that although he did not want to do so, he advised the NVSC to advise some MPs to remain isolated. Ordered to. it. Veriga replied that he had not heard such allegations.

Epidemiologist: We can look forward to the end of the week

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“We have only heard similar conspiracy theories from some representatives of the Limal group that this is a conspiracy to sabotage the Seamus vote.

Certainly no one sees such a conspiracy and many more, I would like to remind you that people who have contact with an infected person and know this should not expect anything and should be isolated. It is unfortunate that some misunderstandings have occurred, and the Chancellor of Seamus has distributed a list of Seamus members who have not been advised to isolate. The NVSC later had to explain.

Unfortunately, the virus does not know, does not know the calendar, does not know when elections will be held, when the government or the government’s program is approved. Unfortunately, if members of the Seamus spend time together and have contact with an infected person, the disease will spread and they will have to be isolated. It should not really be associated with any political event, ”he said. Veriga said.

Getting ready to get vaccinated

A. Veriga announced that Lithuania was preparing to receive the vaccine and would purchase the necessary equipment.

Oreligas veriga

Oreligas veriga

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“There is a lot of work to be done. The funds were allocated at a government meeting yesterday. Syringes, masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes and other supplies are available for refrigeration, injection purchases and other supplies.

We hope that everything will be successful and on time, but this is a sign that Lithuania is really getting ready to get vaccinated and vaccinate the population, ”he said.

Asked what are currently the most difficult methods to ensure the purchase and distribution of vaccines.

“It’s hard to say before the procedure is over. Now we seem to be able to secure everything, but I do not think it will be the biggest challenge, because it’s easy technical things to deal with. Ensuring access will be more difficult, and this will be the biggest challenge, ”said A. Veriga.

“Trying to get out of the situation”

The State Procurement Office stated that the law did not provide for procurement through “enhanced”, unpublished negotiations. Dan Bakaya, head of the National Laboratory for Public Health, promised to acquire equipment for COVID-19 research in this way.

Epidemiologist: Looking forward to the weekend

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The law does not provide for a method of purchase, such as enhanced unpublished negotiations. Unpublished talks Unpublished talks, ”the interim chief of the service, Jovita Petkuvine, told BNS on Thursday.

When asked what he thought of it, Ms. Veriga replied sarcastically: “Or do you want to take it to the State Procurement Office and buy it?” Of course, she is tired of those ideas, and if there are any suggestions they can make to the lab, she is always hoping for help. We are now trying to get rid of this situation with as much transparency and publicity as possible. […] It appears that no emergency has yet been enacted for this service.

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