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Lithuania sentenced to life imprisonment in Abu Dhabi begs for mercy: Is there any hope for the girl to return to Lithuania?

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice, it would be sufficient to grant the girl’s apology to the United Arab Emirates, or even if Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates conclude an extradition treaty, these talks are still stalled.

However, there is hope that Ramadan, an important celebration for Muslims, will finally see the United Arab Emirates call for mercy. Sedlekite’s request is expected to be granted. Ramadan begins on April 13. Ends May 12th.

Sentenced to life imprisonment

As a gateway 15 minutes Emilia’s mother, Simona Sedlekite, moved to England in 2010 with her children. He worked there, wanting to ensure a better standard of living for the children. Five years later, in 2015, Simona decided to move back to Lithuania and wanted to take her daughter Emilia with her. However, she decided not to return to her homeland with her mother and stayed abroad for a while.

After graduating from college, Emilia became an athletics coach and an athlete. The rest of England was planning to find a job and in 2016 moved with friends to the United Arab Emirates to stay and work there for a few months.

After spending some time in the United Arab Emirates and preparing to move to Lithuania, Emilia’s mother, S.J. According to Sedlekaita, the girl was deceived. Emilia stayed at the hotel before heading home. Emilia’s friend kept the drug safe in her room. Emilia was recently arrested for drug distribution and charged with possession of a drug.

Emilia has been tried three times in the United Arab Emirates. The first court sentenced the girl to one and a half years in prison, the second to deport him, and the third to life imprisonment. Emilia was 21 years old at the time of the third trial and is already considered an adult in the United Arab Emirates.

The. Sedlekaita wrote several appeals to the United Arab Emirates, but Emilia was not allowed to return to Lithuania. At the time, Lithuania did not have an embassy in the United Arab Emirates, so government officials should help resolve the situation in Emilia.

The 2020 Lithuanian Embassy opened in the United Arab Emirates in March, but Emilia is still in prison in Abu Dhabi.

United Arab Emirates

There is no exchange agreement between Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates could not contact Lithuanian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Edmin Bagden. Upon request by email to the Embassy. The ambassador has informed the media that he has left the United Arab Emirates. Commentary on Sedlekaita was made by the Adviser to the Minister Arvidas Najokaitis.

The embassy has no significant news at the moment, according to a local court ruling that sentencing prisoner in an Abu Dhabi women’s prison, Emilia Zedlekite, a citizen of the Lithuanian Republic.

The Ambassadors of the United Arab Emirates are in constant contact with the imprisoned citizen and provide assistance to those serving sentences in accordance with the Consular Protocol of the Republic of Lithuania.

At the same time, Emilia maintains relationships with her relatives. The embassy contacts the UAE authorities on issues related to the status of the citizen. Embassy

that. According to Nujokitis, e. Settlement of Sedlekite to Lithuania, and no agreement between Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates on the transfer of convicts.

“A draft of such an agreement was transmitted to the United Arab Emirates in 2018 through diplomatic channels. Ministry of External Affairs only in 2020. The Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for drafting this agreement to organize talks in the United Arab Emirates, has intervened several times (the latest proposal is to hold talks in March 2021 or make it easier for the UAE at any time by video conference), but no answer Has been received so far.

According to the embassy, ​​E.C. One of the opportunities that helped Sedlekite return to Lithuania was the decision of the United Arab Emirates to meet the pardon request. As previously reported in the media, S.C. Sadlekite has already written several apologies but has not received a response.

Evlina Dobrovolska

The Ministry of Justice is negotiating the contract

The Ministry of Justice informs that the issue of amnesty is currently being considered and resolved in the United Arab Emirates. Minister of Justice Evlina Dobrovolska says that if the request was granted, E.

“According to the Ministry and the Lithuanian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, the apology will be decided before the start of the big Ramadan, which is important for the entire Muslim world (from April 13).” Dobrovolsk.

Although the United Arab Emirates was not affiliated with the 1983 European Conventions on the Transfer of Entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Justice is in talks with the United Arab Emirates over an agreement to transfer offenders.

“Unfortunately, the talks are not going smoothly. The United Arab Emirates is not cooperating in drafting the agreement. The Ministry of Justice has already visited the UAE several times through the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has proposed to hold talks or hold a video conference. The application was filed on March 2, 2021. We have not yet received a response, so the UAE does not agree to transfer a person to a sentence even in the absence of a legal basis, ”commented E. Dobrovolska.

e. According to a certificate prepared by the Ministry of Justice regarding Sedlikite, “there is an opportunity to conclude For this Agreement, but it will take a long time. Considering the huge legal and cultural differences between countries, it will also be difficult to agree on content that is acceptable to all.

August 20, 2020 Former Minister of Justice Elvinas Jankovicius addresses the Minister of Justice of the United Arab Emirates through the Lithuanian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. Sedlekite asked for help to return to Lithuania. Her mother has agreed to take the girl to Lithuania.

e. The Ministry of Justice said it had not received an official response to Jankevisius’ appeal.

Several contacts were made with the person in charge of the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates who is responsible for international cooperation through several channels. Reply November 23rd. Attached from the Ministry of Justice in Brussels. It states that under UAE national law, a person cannot be transferred to another country to impose a custodial sentence without an international agreement, and therefore proposes to expedite negotiations on a bilateral agreement.

Elvinas Jankovicius

He also came to the European Commission

August 24, 2020 e. Jankovicius addressed the European Commissioner. The Minister asked whether the Commission could take any action to resolve this situation. October 15 last year. The Commission was told that there were no such options and that a bilateral agreement was the best solution. In the absence of such a solution, it has been suggested that a solution should be found through diplomatic channels.

September 30, 2020 The then Minister of Justice sent a letter to the EU Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. e. She was also asked to help solve Sedlekite’s problem.

“The response received on October 19 is fundamentally similar to the European Commission’s response that it is incapable of helping, primarily referring to the response of the European Commissioner for Justice,” the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

Last October, the EU Cabinet of Ministers raised the issue of repatriation of EU citizens from third countries. The program aims to reach an agreement between the European Union and third countries on the return of offenders.

The issue has been referred to the EU Council of Special Task Force. Its meeting took place in 2020. December 17

“After special expert discussions, the President concluded that the EU had taken steps in 1983 to encourage the involvement of third countries, that the Council of Europe needed conventions, that good exchanges were a good tool, but did not see the support of the majority for broader EU action.” said.

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

The next step in the Ministry of Justice

October 20, 2020 The Council of Muslim Religious Communities of Lithuania urges the President of the United Arab Emirates and the heir to the throne of Abu Dhabi to execute the remaining sentence in Lithuania. Sedlekite to be replaced.

In October last year, Eurojust filed a lawsuit with the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates quickly responded that the country was in contact with the Lithuanian attachment in Brussels and that a bilateral agreement was needed. In November, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry was asked to submit a request to the United Arab Emirates to expedite negotiations on the agreement, which were proposed to be held in early March this year, but received no response. In early March, the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Justice offered to hold talks on June 22-25 or at any other time acceptable to the United Arab Emirates, but received no response.

In November 2020, a legal services agreement was signed with GLIMSTEDT, a law firm. According to the Ministry of Justice, the company is mediating between the Ministry of Justice and the UAE lawmakers who have prepared an apology for the fee. The contract expired in February this year.

The Minister of Justice sent an appeal to the Attorney General of the United Arab Emirates on December 10 regarding the release of Mr. Sedlekite from prison on the instructions of the UAE Lawyers in 2020. This petition is attached to the pardon application filed in 2020. December 11

The United Arab Emirates has not yet responded to the request and has not yet made a decision on the apology. UAE lawmakers will have to pay a so-called “successful fee” of $ 2,500 through GLIMSTEDT if the apology is granted, the Ministry of Justice said.

December 29, 2020 Vatican Secretary of State informs the Ministry of Justice that “a request has been made to the United Arab Emirates for a humanitarian decision on the transfer of Emilia Sedlekoi to Lithuania.”

E. regarding the disposal of drugs for the distribution of drugs. Sadlock was also sentenced to life in prison. The maximum penalty for committing a single crime in Lithuania is 15 years.

The Ministry of Justice is aware of two cases in which Lithuanians have been sentenced to life imprisonment abroad, the second case in Indonesia.

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