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Patrols team leader A. Radsevius Reveals Recipe for Strong Health: “I Walk 15 Kilometers Every Day” – Always

Algardas Radzavius, singer and leader of the band “Patrulei”, has been singing fun and energetic songs to Lithuanian listeners for over two decades. The man admits that the plague has severely hampered his work plan, but even when he is at home he still does not sit still and uses his free time to nurture his health.

Algardas Radsevius, a well-known actor and leader of the Patrolia group, will unveil a recipe for good health at the medical concert “Health Tree” on TV8 this Sunday. Man has been actively involved in sports since he was a child, and although he tried many sports, after closing the gym and canceling all events, Algardas found various activities for himself.

During quarantine, I started walking a lot – I go out three times a day: after breakfast, in the afternoon and in the evening. So I walk at least 15 miles a day. My body constantly demands movement and if I can’t walk one day – I feel bad, ”Algardas said at the show.

Physical activity is the most important factor in a healthy lifestyle and it has a huge impact on our well-being, body weight and flexibility. In addition, physical activity helps you stay fresh and energetic. But even active movement cannot protect us from age-related changes.

“When I look at my lifestyle and work style, it’s easy to see how important movement is to me. On stage, I am constantly moving my legs, arms, and whole body. Traveling, traveling takes a lot of energy. Of course, the body is still firmly attached, but with age, things come out that inform you about yourself and your health, ”says the open singer.

Pain is one of the first warning signs sent by the body. At first, the joint pain is mild and unstable. However, it is necessary to respond to such pain sensations, which may be a sign that the body is beginning to deplete vital fluids such as collagen. It provides the protein needed for human skin, hair, joints and heart.

The joint, which is responsible for bone mobility and range of motion, has no blood flow and feeds the fluid around it, the production of which depends not only on a person’s lifestyle but also on eating habits. Since only a small number of people in society follow a balanced diet and consume the right foods, scientists are trying to provide Yin I and II combined dietary supplements containing collagen and vitamin C. One of them is Cemio Gemzė. , The substance that nourishes the joints, cartilage and bones and prevents their immature wear.

Doctors’ orthopedic traumatologists say that this movement helps to ensure the nutrition of the joints and at the same time strengthens the tissues around the joints – bones and muscles. If joint pain occurs, it is not recommended to immediately reduce exercise or lie down and wait for the pain to subside.

“Our joints like to move, what is their direct function: movement, exercise, regular sports. During sports, the joint is subjected to a very high force, so in an irregular movement, the joint can collapse very quickly and begin to pull fast. For older patients, it is important to maintain full mobility as much as possible. Pain restricts movement, but without movement it puts more weight on the muscles, tendons and joints, ”says orthopedic traumatologist Vitatas Vengroskas.

When starting a home garden, it is worth thinking about the tetanus vaccine

As we spend more and more time in the fresh air, gardening begins. However, being in nature poses a health risk that is often forgotten in the face of an epidemic. One of them is tetanus. It is an infection that spreads through a wound and can be compressed by biting an animal with a pink needle and climbing on a nail. Once in the body, tetanus pathogens begin to produce toxins that can cause muscle aches, seizures, hypoxia, and even death. The most reliable way to prevent tetanus is to get vaccinated. We all get the first dose with the diphtheria and pertussis vaccine in infancy, but it is recommended that patients over the age of 25 repeat this vaccine every 10 years.

“Vaccines are the only reliable way to protect against the effects of toxins. It is a powerful weapon that we must use. In the case of diphtheria and tetanus, these are vaccine-resistant diseases but do not affect the survival of pathogens in nature. However, vaccinated individuals are not sensitive to the toxins produced by the bacteria and therefore need to renew their immunity every 10 years to stay safe. M. Dr. prof. Vaitatas Usonis.

The royal era is a menstruation

Menstruation is one of the most sensitive periods in every woman’s life. This is a natural stage, but usually not easy and awful. As the concentration of hormones in the blood changes, a woman’s body begins to undergo changes that make it difficult to control menstrual symptoms – sweating, hot flashes, blood pressure fluctuations, constant heart rate, increased irritability, insomnia. Another problem with menstruation is urinary incontinence. Urine-absorbing pads and packages, such as Tena, help neutralize bad breath and prevent bacterial multiplication.

“Psychologically, it is a bit difficult for women to menstruate. This is because it has been medically proven that as you grow older, you will fall short of sexual, social and health life. But this is a completely false belief, because it is the royal age, there is still something to discover and this is a great time to make those dreams come true. Psychiatrist Andreas Kaluginas will confirm at the exhibition.

In the “Thank you, Doctor” section – Thanks to the baby’s healthy eyes

Often newborns begin to puncture holes. One reason for this is that the tear ducts become blocked, which, if left untreated, can lead to inflammation of the tear ducts. Sometimes the tear ducts open on their own, sometimes the procedure of a family doctor is sufficient and sometimes surgery is required. This is what happened to Amadia, who was not half a year old.

“Every day my right eye was torn. The family doctor suspected that it was due to a blocked bowel. We received a referral to the hospital where the surgery was to be performed. Everything went smoothly and smoothly and I am grateful to the medical staff for that. Aminaja’s mother Sabina shares the story at the show.

The ninth season of the medical show “Swakatos Medis” has just begun – Laura Balliste, an active and dynamic mother and creator of the “60+” program, joins Dr. Irina Pivorinia, the show’s longtime host. The long-running medical show delights audiences with heartfelt and heartfelt thanks to doctors from patients’ lips, sharing useful advice on how to prevent treacherous diseases, introducing the latest advances in medicine and answering everyone’s health problems.

The Health Tree is an exhibition of the most important medical issues and advice from doctors and patients, without sensitive and indifferent life stories.

Dr. Irina Pivorinia’s long experience and producer and producer Vaida Skysgere – New Time – Youth Energy, a medical exhibition on Sundays at 12 noon “Swakatos Medis”. On TV8!

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