Wednesday , April 14 2021

The Achem Group loses its commitment to politicians

"It is sometimes politically difficult for politicians to fulfill their promises," said Gintaras Balčiūnas, deputy chairman of the board of the Achem Group, after meeting with energy minister Ž.Vaičiūnas (right). Photo Alina Ožič (LŽ)

Energy Minister Žygimantas Vaičiūnas met today with leaders of concern at Achema Group. During the meeting, among other things, it was discussed about the maintenance of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Klaipeda. However, representatives of concerns have not heard anything concrete and cast doubt on the readiness of politicians to respect their obligations.

After meeting at the Ministry of Energy, Gintaras Balčiūnas, deputy chairman of the Achem Group, said:

"We are concerned about some of the promises that have been made to reduce the billing of LNG terminals next year, and the amount of EUR 10 million has also been named, but so far, according to the Commission's price decisions, we see in the other picture that this fee is virtually unchanged, maybe politicians sometimes have difficulty in implementing their promises, but since the budget is being implemented for the next year, we need to know the numbers. "So we came to ask if the fears are right."

We need to know the exact numbers because it depends on the company's future. We need to compile next year's plans in a very responsible manner.

According to Mr. Balčiūnas, the energy minister could not hear anything.

"Our calculations have not been discontinued The gas transfer fee next year amounts to about 1.4 million euros It is said that measures will be implemented to reduce this fee However, according to LNG terminal billing fees, the gas transfer fee, the proposed change PSO is the same as this year, "he said.

Mr Balčiūnas noted that the business approach was different from politicians: "We need to know the specific numbers because the future of the company depends on it. We have to compile plans next year in a very responsible manner."

Gintautas Kanapeckas, General Manager of the Achem Group, who attended a meeting with the Minister of Energy, added: "We were looking for updates of the current proposals."

In addition, Mr. Balčiūnas pointed out that the plans of the Government for the purchase of LNG vessels were also unclear.

"We look at this as a business plan, and we've always been looking for a number of figures, and then we could make a decision, but that was never done until such details were available," he said.

In the summer, the leaders of the Achem group met many times with Prime Minister and Prime Minister Saul Skvernelis. Z. Vaičiūnas argued that if the government redeems a LNG vessel, Achea's terminal storage could be reduced by about 40% from the middle of next year.

The largest gas consumer in Lithuania, Jonava Fertilizer Plant "Achema", pays 20 million liters per year. Euro – almost a quarter of all terminal costs.

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