Wednesday , April 14 2021

Uncle Exhibition Participants – Police “Awards” –

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Actress Goda Aliawa is angry that she will be fined 500 euros for attending the awards ceremony. The police offer to pay half of this amount in good faith. Photo by Irmanthus Sidarevius.

The office of the Chief Commissioner of Police in the province of Kaunas made the announcement after March 27th. Questioning violations of the quarantine requirements took place on March 29 by Uncle TV broadcasters. 42 administrative actions were initiated against the organizers of this broadcast.

“To date, 42 administrative offenses have been initiated against individuals who did not comply with the mask requirements and the expected distance in a broad sense (in various spaces).

Eight people who agreed to e-mail an administrative crime report with a fine order, officials have already done so. Individuals must pay half of the 250 fine within the minimum period.

Twelve others were summoned to the police station to file a report of an administrative offense. Not everyone cooperates with police officers, and some ask to be contacted by their managers or lawmakers, ”Kounas State Police said in a statement.

A police report states that various information and data related to the shooting were collected this week. Officers analyzed both live broadcast recordings and video surveillance cameras recorded in various spaces in the “Algiris Arena”.

According to the police, the organizers of the broadcast / filming were asked for various documents, documents related to the shooting and the people on the field and their connection with the broadcast. The organizers liaised and collaborated with police officers and delivered the requested documents within a week. Officers began their analysis.

Goda Aliawa, an award-winning singer and a member of the “Sky 69” group, has already announced that she has been fined. “People, do you get fined for going to work? Surprisingly, I was fined immediately even though I asked you to send me all the information that I have been accused of and that I did wrong!

We are all tired of quarantine, but it’s time to get back to normal life! It’s time to learn to live in a different way. Be careful, check, but work and move freely! Many immunologists have confirmed that quarantine only works for the first few months. Other actions must be taken now. Let people work and earn!

After being presented with the “awards” by the police, the organizers of the event announced that no one was attending. “To the best of our knowledge, that information is currently being investigated and will be supplemented. We do not have definite conclusions about the shooting as it may be useful for investigation.

In addition, it appeared that this year’s Kaunas Municipal Council provided strong support of 45,000 for the Mama Awards. As a cultural element, not as an exhibition. Commenting on the situation in case of anger, the mayor’s adviser, Thomas Jarusevius, expects such support for the awards as a cultural project that enhances the image of Kaunas. Whether it is an event or a TV show does not apply in this situation.

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