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Vaineuskas, who was demolished in the new Vilnius club: my father will play "Lietuvos rytas"

Jonas Vainauskas, new shareholder Lietkabelis and sports director Panevėžys, actively joined the team and began the change – he changed the coach and joined the team of legionnaires from Serbia, but this is not really the end.

On Monday, J. Vainauskas visited the DELFI studio, where he discovered the biggest problem of his club.

True, Vainauskas could "bribe" with the guidance of the current Vilnius "Morning," believing his father is ready to return to the legendary "East of Lithuania" and return the capital of a prestigious basketball town for the name.

"My father was pretty hurt at this stage in all spheres of life, but I'm thrilled to be back in shape, recovering his ambitions and ready to return to the club" Lietuvos ryto. "It makes me happy and I want her luck in it," – J. Vainauskas reveals the goals of the family.

Asked if Gedvydas Vainauskas was really ready to work again on the development of basketball players in Vilnius and to rebuild the legendary "Lietuvos rytas", J. Vainauskas asserted that it was not a pity but a serious quest.

"Yes, I just do not know when, we rarely communicate, but when we communicate with each other, that idea often sounds," said Lietkabelis, a firm shareholder.

Vainauskas is also not obviously satisfied with the Croatian Dominican Mavros.

Team of D. Mavrosa (photo of the organizer)

Team of D. Mavrosa (photo of the organizer)

He is the most expensive player in Panevezys, and in the Betsafe-LKL this season he only earns 4.4 points in just 20 minutes, plays 3.4 points and runs 4.1 out of all.

"The situation is such that the weakest player is the most expensive team. This is a big problem, but I will solve it," said the new sports director, "Lietkabelis".

J. Vainauskas has expressed his opinion on the most powerful Lithuanian basketball teams. He convinced that the second group of Vilnius "Rytas" after Kaunas "Žalgiris" was undesirable.

"The second Lithuanian team is" Neptune. "" Morning "is disturbing the third most powerful representation," Vainauskas said.

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