Wednesday , April 14 2021

Apink’s Chorong apologizes for underage drinking + responds privately to allegations of school bullying

Apinx Chorong has shared a personal statement about the school bullying that has been filed against her.

On April 1, Apink’s PlayM Entertainment announced that it had taken legal action against Chorong’s child friend for making false allegations and threatening her. In later days, her childhood friend, who only knew her last name, Kim, allegedly slapped Chorong in the face when she was a student and kicked Shin.

Revealing that she intended to sue PlayMe Entertainment for their false accusations, Kim said Chorong initially retracted her words and agreed to the violence before changing her story. She also released photos of Chorong drinking when she was younger.

On April 6, Chorong posted a statement on Instagram saying that although she had apologized for the underage drink, she had reaffirmed her innocence over allegations of school bullying.

Hello, this is Park Chorong. I apologize for greeting you on an unfortunate occasion.

First, before explaining recent events, I apologize for causing people to worry about photos of my drinks when I was a teenager. I have hurt all those who have supported me with my immature and stupid mistakes since I was a child. There is no room for excuses and I sincerely apologize.

Regarding a recent news item [to the public], It started at the end of February and has been going on for about a month. During that time, I made a great effort to communicate amicably, but it didn’t end up working that way, and it seems to me very unfortunate. I read reports and interviews about me published yesterday.

Things have gotten worse so far due to a misunderstanding between us, but I feel even more tormented because I still have memories of being friends [with that person] From elementary school to high school, we play and spend time together, so I’m afraid I can express it. But what I want to repeat is that I am completely innocent to the end, of the lies that are spread.

I never slapped Mrs. Kim in the face. In this regard, I will do my utmost to prove my innocence through the testimony of those present and the transcripts of my telephone call with Mrs. Kim.

Finally, I have seriously hurt all the fans who have cheered me on and supported me for 10 years since my inception. Because of this incident, I was afraid that you would feel that my honest words and actions were honest up to this point, and that I would be disappointed by the fans who supported and trusted me.

I feel nothing but an apology to my fellow Apink members, our fans, our dealer staff and the many people who helped me. I apologize to all our fans and Apink members for publishing this kind of news on our 10th anniversary. I sincerely apologize.

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