Saturday , May 8 2021

Actress Sofía Tejeda died

Through the Social Network, the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI), reported on the death of actress Sophie Tejeda.

The actress had a great recognition as an actress for participating in "La Madrastra" Telenovela in 2005, in which she shared credits with performers such as Victoria Ruffo and César Évora.

In 1993, Tejada played an important role in the violent assault, gold, pain, and death in 1991; and I love you, I love you 2014.

Recently, Sofia has participated in programs such as La Rosa de Guadalupe and some soap opera like La Mujer del Vendale, La Madrastre and while the money is not separating.

With deep regret, the Steering Board and the Supervisory Board, on behalf of the National Association of Translators, transmit the sensitive death of Sophie Tejade translator. We send your family and friends with a solid embrace with our deepest condolences.

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