Thursday , November 26 2020

Broccoli can not stop cancer development: Harvard

Broccoli can not stop cancer development: Harvard

Broccoli can not stop cancer development: Harvard

Mexico City.

International researchers have found the compounds that contain broccoli and cabbage Brussels They can prevent cancer with cancer.

Pier Paolo PandolfiMaster's Degree in Medicine and Medicine Harvard And the departmental leader, a compound I3C, is a body that grows and prevents disease.

According to the information provided by the educational institute, the disease was based on the genetically engineered genes of each peptone, which is the most important antigen in the history of genetics.

Nutritional value of broccoli is not thrown into it!

Accordingly Harvard UniversityGenerally, these genes usually cause cancer. It attempts to remove, distort or disable them.

It has been found that enzymes, a major contributor to cancer development by specialists in the development of cancer in humans and human cancers, are very important to interact with PTEN.

The study published in "Science" has allowed the release of PTEN to release the results of WWP1-suppression and the results of nuclear reactions.

It can help those with PNN's genetic deficiency so that they can develop cancer and intellectual disabilities that can lead to intellectual disabilities or mental disorders.

We believe that these drugs are of vital importance beyond human cancer.

The protected compounds of PTFE, I3C are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and pumpkin.

The expert further emphasized that an additional analysis should be carried out to study unnecessary effects of special doses and I3C supplements.

This work was sponsored by the Cancer Center and the Bone-Israel Center for Diagnostics Center Cancer Research Institute and by Pandolfi and representatives from the National Institutes of Canada, United States Institutions, Taiwan, China, Italy, Australia and India. Health.


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