Thursday , November 26 2020

He discovered the fraud of the crime of Louise del Mundo's church

It was realistically revealed by Liliputta Israeli Tutuar Guzman on the night of Wednesday night at the Lili Art Museum, which the senate's conservative party had conducted, to find out what was happening. The self-aged apostle Nahasan Dzokhin Garcia, the leader of the Evangelical Church, is the Light of the World.

The church's grandfather's grandfather was in the airport in 1926 and has over 50 countries.

Butts and Mayer

In the festive arts, hundreds of faithful in the church of the Worldlight were released and Opera was transmitted by Senate Chairperson Matt Bates, Independent DIG Emmanuel Reyes Carona. President Sergio Mayr, the Executive Vice President and Deputy Minister of Justice.

The Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Macedaia, announced its social network, that the "The Mirard Guardian" opera will be honored by the leader of the Evangelical Church leader Janica Garcia, the leader of the Evangelical Church, Apostolic Networks, John Garcia. The 50th birthday was in a box in a "world of light" by Poster Nasser Joan García.

"We warmly welcome the Navy Band and its Director, Frest's Captain Caesar Zamora Agulal and the Pride of 100 Voice of the International Dance of Dance." "Good evening, thank you to the Mexican Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association for your arrival."

No permission

On Thursday, the National Institute of National Characteristics and Literature (INBAL) reported that it had found no religious activity and that it was discovered through social networks.

"It was never announced on the date when the call was announced on social networking sites at 7:30 am the next day when the event arrived, and we were all considered to be a documenting .When we review them in a script, this video tells us "We want to give this prize," said Luciana Eameses, director of Ibaray.

According to Elbl, the senator of the Green Party, Rogalio Veomoro Guzman, was the one to make a formal request to hold a cultural festival on February 1.

"INBAL effectively carried out all the work with the official request of this senator, and held meetings at all meetings, and it was not written or spoken at all, and the incident was not religious," said Luna Himnas, director of INBAL.

The Punto was reached with the agreement signed on April 15 to achieve this.

The document explains that the best artistic space is to "perform the" Music Guard "" El Guardian del Silencio ".

The terms "Senator" by Senator Rogelio Ezro Tamara are described as "printing images and prints." It must be submitted beforehand to approve and coordinate editorial coordination. Inal can take the opportunity to manage and manage the "INBAL" of the Fine Arts Palace and the "event" at each stage. This final sentence was not fulfilled.

Mexico City's Professionals and Entrepreneurs Society paid 413 to 413 picos for space rentals.

After holding a private party in the Spanish casino, the religious leader was honored that the federal members of Gacicchi had given him recognition.

BellotArtus, Mexico's most important location in Mexico, is Mexico's state.

All beliefs are extremely dignified. However, those who deceive and infuse INBA for the artistic use of religious artifacts are senators and party representatives.

In Puerto, he attempted to speak with the senator of the state of Mexico but he resigned from PRD on 2 October, but he did not call it, Rogelio Ezrona Zamora Guzman

Information from En Punto.


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