Wednesday , April 14 2021

“It’s full of jokes and cryptocurrencies”: Salinas Plego responds why not buy Twitter

those Businessman Ricardo Salinas Plego, Threatened to buy a few days ago Twitter, Decided to withdraw his decision and explained why he was no longer interested in taking over the stage.

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It should be noted that the Mexican magnet is characterized by controversial comments through the official account identified as “IcRicardoBSalinas”.

It’s normal for the owner to have access to the Blue Bird social network, which has so far amassed 876,000 followers. TV Azteca Become a regular trend.

It is true that many people agree with the ideology Businessman Ricardo Salinas Plego, 65-year-old man has also earned thousands of opponents.

Looking at the negative comments, a few days ago the owner of Garuppo Electra hinted that he could buy Twitter To get rid of those you consider to be inappropriate Netsin.

Ricardo Salinas Plego no longer buys Twitter

After spreading his views against the National Electoral Commission (INE), Ricardo Salinas Plego Received thousands of reviews in Twitter Because the Electoral Commission says “must die.”

The businessman tried to buy the platform, but in the end he backed down and explained the reason for his decision in a way that intrigued the internet user.

“Have you already bought? Twitter? I just wanted to comment on how to improve it, ”said Anacots, the owner of the TV Azteca. Given this, Ricardo Salinas Plego He assured that he was no longer interested in the stage.

“It did not convince me … note that it’s full of jokes and cryptocurrencies that make you think without asking.” The businessman Management Mexican.

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