Wednesday , April 14 2021

Netflix: This is the best horror movie you can see this weekend. Do you know her?

A new weekend has arrived and with the opportunity to enjoy the best content offered by the entertainment app, NetflixAlways constantly changing due to different topics coming, going and going.

During the epidemic for the new Corona virus Covid-19, the streaming giant has established itself as the number one partner of thousands of users, spending hours having fun on their smart devices.

Top 10 Most Popular in Mexico

If you are one of those people who do not know what to look for when logging into their account, you can review the section on the 10 most popular movies you can find in the country.

For this weekend, the streaming app has documentary, suspense, animation and revelation movies, among its options, without leaving out the romantic jokes:

  • Management Running
  • The power of nature
  • What kills Sarah?
  • Holman: Latin America
  • To the sky
  • Estasin Zombie2
  • Ghost Slayer
  • Secret Magic Control Agency
  • Chuckie’s seeds
  • Only from that

The best adventure movie

If horror is your thing, you can enjoy one of the best movies of this genre on Netflix: “The Mystery of Block Island” starring Chris Sheffield, Michael McManus and Neville Achchambolt.

The film opens in 2020 and tells the story of a family that begins to see “horrific events and dark truths” created by various evil forces. Here is a preview:


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