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Renault Kwid Testing: Ideas, Features and Price


66 horses, 3.68 m long and less than $ 200,000. "Compact SUV", as he himself calls himself Renon QuiddIt's not a super SUV or it's a compact, but it's a great option to build low cost cities by low cost cities, as it can be understood urban. Mexico.

Renault Kwid 2019 5

You can not request a sheep pearce or a high-level refining Renon Quidd, But a balanced economic package to win young clients is a balance between the skills of savings, security and technology. We will announce it Check it out.

Renault Kwid 2019 6

Yes, it looks like a truckload

Everyone needs an SUV. So you should not be surprised that you are trying to make the Condage Computer business to convince you that it is a SUV. This version is true Get some features from the SUV, Beautiful plastic crates, slate frames, flying sheets, load on the ceiling and good height for the floor.

Renault Kwid 2019 17

Its features with other elements of DaSia focus on Renee's European model. Your line came out Logos and Logoons from Logan and Sandero, And is mainly reflected in the shape of the fresht variety. The back skins provide air to cup or kaaj.

Renault Kwid 2019 8

A simple colored studios

The hiring has never been disappointed or surprised. A car with a starting point of $ 164,900 can not request a very high level of refinement. All parts of Kwid are hard, salty and economical; Some screws can also be seen.

The friendly atmosphere meets the expectations of a urban car, its strong assemblages and the taste of young consumers. In addition, Renault's simple breakthrough A urban car through the introduction of some of the steering wheel, gearshift and doors in the doors. The coating has a very pleasant appearance.

Renault Kwid 2019 13

The design of the board is simple and functionalDeleting buttons is quite weird. Controlling the electric glass The touchscreen is much higher than most car models. Control the electronic guarantee of those buttons.

Renault Kwid 2019

According to the space, we must be honest: when it comes with passengers in the rear seats, the pre-emptive reserve is not a city car. Like most of its competitors, Kwid, Provides a small space for legs Three passengers are heavily held. In addition, it is only the main seat belt.

Renault Kwid 2019

Surprise stems. However, we could go to the Recoils camp 290 liters In a small car; It is the largest of its classifications. It can be opened from the outside using the keyboard, or by dragging a close lever close to the compiler at the fuel chunk.

Renault Kwid 2019

Suitable for excellence

The design of the device in Renon Quínd in Mexico has been successful. We have an intermediate version 7 "multimedia system compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carp's. These rates can be a tariff factor for the purchase among the youth. They are air conditioners, travel computers, some electronic equipment and … already. Perhaps the only thing we lost is electric mirrors, steering controls and warning.

Renault Kwid 2019 16

The most important thing in Kwid's configuration is all versions, and at least, Already have four bags of ABS and ABS. Your competitors generally only get two airplanes and a base version braking support.

Kwid is not safe, and it's remarkable among cities in Mexico City Three stars of Latin NCAP expeditions. If you saw a video that was being thrown out of a cabook band, it is an Indian version without any strong structure. The model obtained from Mexico is imported from Brazil Thanks for all the strength 100 kg.

Renault Kwid 2019 4

66 HP live enough to live?

Renault Kwid is a more powerful car in Mexico and is lightweight. Use 1.0 atmospheric engines, Can only be generated 66 hp and 69 lb-ft. A few weeks ago, we examined it at sea level along with four passengers. Now that we are taking you to Mexico's high altitude, we will reiterate our view when you fulfill your lifestyle in three ways.

Renault Kwid 2019 11

The first is The car is rarely in the carBecause the engine is sufficient, but £ 69 makes no miracles. The second is Do not live in a long sidewalk, "Get Up" This Propeller can save on work costs and force you to play with rewinding levers. The third is Be prudish by passing or adapting, Especially H.

Renault Kwid 2019 7

In the course of traffic lights, roadways, streets and traffic jams, Quid travels like water in the water. Dimensions help you It's a place where other cars do not fit. Transmission allows it to make the most of the engine. The fourth and fifth are a rest.

Renault Kwid 2019 10

Renault Kwid will give you a good fuel efficiency of up to 2,000rpm. We are usually at a – The tank is full of 37 liters. The speed of the highways is 80 kilometers per hour.

Renault Kwid 2019 3

According to driving, it is a suitable vehicle for the city. From the top of the ground 18 cm Provides immunity to the lymph nodes and lumps. This temporary jam is thick and the Kushan route is a lightweight journey. Kwid is already in use Module Platform CMF-A Renault-Nissan Alliance, therefore, we do not have a recent car in the old model architecture.

Renault Kwid 2019 12

The e-mail address should be respected. It is very simple for urban surroundings and has a very unusual turning radius. The other model of the brand is not a specific or a burden. Here, in any case, we would prefer to alternate on more precise accuracy on fast roads.

Renault Kwid 2019 2

Highly recommended urban

Renault has sold in Michigan: Intones, Iconic and Atzider Prices ranging from $ 164,900 to $ 199,900. Once tried, it seems to be the best option for the city of Mexico. But this Outsider version is not an intermediary but $ 200,000 limit.

Renault Kwid 2019 20

with the Quaver Iconic You will have the same equipment and security in Outsider. But you must pay $ 20,000. For this purpose, small pieces are to be sent, such as coated caps or pallet rails for small details. Conserve ABS vouchers, thin bags and Infotelo according to Android Auto and Apple Carpove.

Renault Kwid 2019

Kwid power is not left, but returns very good fuel efficiency for it; It does not allow space, but it does suit any space. It's a great car that understands the city's enmity. However, at any rate, for the range of the scale of the range of $ 200,000, we will fit for Chevrolet Spark. But it has a more powerful engine and better structure, or Suzuki Ignis, in both primary versions.










Interior space6


To please

  • Very good fuel efficiency.
  • It has an ABS version and four versions of four air bags.
  • It is strong and powerful for urban hostility.
  • There is information communication with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


  • Small interior space.
  • Reasonable power.
  • Warnings are not included.
  • Only the Central Seat Belt.

Renon Quidd

Renon Quidd Piṭastarayeki


  • Engine: 1.0 liters of gasoline for three cylinders
  • Maximum power: 66 hp @ 5,500 rpm
  • Maximally vertical 69 lb-ft @ 4.250 rpm
  • Transmission: 5 High-speed manual
  • Molar ction: Front
  • Breakaway: Disk / Drum
  • Weight: 764 kilos
  • Maximum speed: ND
  • 0 to 100 kg: ND
  • Front Suspension: An independent MacPherson type
  • Backrest Semi-optic shafts
  • Length: 3.680 mm
  • Kahīlā 290 liters
  • Consumption in city: 14.4 km per km
  • Road Consumption & # 39 ;: 26.9 km / h
  • Combined Consumption & # 39 ;: 20.9 km per km
  • CO2 emission: ND
  • Tank capacity: 37 liters

Announced statistics by the manufacturer

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