Wednesday , April 14 2021

Sunday, April 4 Kovid-19 patients in the Yucatan: 10 new deaths

Health officials reported this Sunday 40 new opportunities in Yukatin ‘Kovid-19, As well as ten deaths. There are currently 191 patients in government hospitals in the state.

Distribution of cases in the Yucatan

34 Merida.

1 Canason, Motul, Teco, Tikul, Uman and Valladolid.

Cases in the Yucatan
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Cases in Merida

The following events have been revealed in Merida since the beginning of the epidemic.

  • 6, 235 in the northern region.
  • 5, 828 at Sona Orient.
  • 2072 in the downtown area.
  • 3042 at Sona Sur.
  • At 4772 Sona Ponient.
Opportunities in Merida
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Ten new deaths from Kovid-19 were reported in the Yucatn. Four men and six women aged 51 to 86 years.

His major illnesses were high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and chronic kidney failure.

1.- 58-year-old girl from Merida

2.- 86-year-old male in Merida without comorbidity

3.- 51-year-old girl from Merida

4.- 56 year old male with Baka obesity / IRC

5.- 53-year-old Canason men

6.- A 76-year-old woman in Merida without comorbidity

7.- 68 year old woman at Merida DM / HAS / Obesity / IRC

8.- 66-year-old woman in Merida without comorbidity

9.- 59-year-old woman from Merida

10.- 73-year-old male in Isamal

Abbreviations: Systemic Hypertension (HAS), Mellitus Diabetes (DM) and Chronic Kidney Failure (CKD).

Seven lived in Merida, one in Baca, 1 in Canason, and 1 in Isamal. 3,828 deaths have been reported from Kovid in the Yucatn.

Active opportunities

Of the active cases, 356 are stable, isolated and constantly monitored and 191 are in government hospitals.


This Sunday, April 4, 144,760 doses of the corona virus vaccine for the elderly arrived in the Yucatan:

* Dosage 129,600 is the opening application for adults in Merida.

* 15,160 second dose for senior citizens in Municipal Councils will be announced soon.

On Thursday the 1st, 8,190 vaccines for the second dose came to health workers and the elderly from the inner-city municipalities. As of Monday, the 29th, 11,740 vaccines had been received, continuing to apply for older adults in municipalities within the state.

On Friday, the 26th, 28,440 vaccines for the elderly arrived in the Yucatan. The group includes Dawson Municipal Councils (with 74% advance), Didsantin (86.6%), Sei (80.8%), Panaba (44.6%), Celestone (82.4%), Calcutta (72.1%), and Hockton. %).

Vaccines for older adults are also used in the municipal councils of Chemax (with an advance of 37.4% of the dose received), Oxkutskab (69.3%) and Rio Lagartos (65.1%).

Available for adults in Akansh, Achilles, Baxots, Chichimile, Espita, Hunukme, Isamal, Kanasan, Peto, Progrozo, San Felipe, Timoson, Texax, Tikul, Tinum, Tizimon and Tixcob.

It will be recalled that vaccinations have been given to pre-registered and selected populations through the federal government platforms in charge of the appointment and registration process.

30,834 patients have already been cured: they present no symptoms and cannot be infected. This figure represents 87% of the total registered infections and is 35,209.

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