Saturday , December 5 2020

The user interface from the Call of Duty: Mobile and the game designs

A few months ago, we provided you with a free mobile copy duty. When the launch is near, many things are beginning to flood. This time, the user interface appeared on the user interface and game designs.

ChaosxSilencer uploaded a video clip of 36 seconds Call of Duty: Mobile. From the beginning, some of the popular battle royalities have been very similar in appearance, how it appears in the center, the right-wing game and specific options on the left. The title emphasizes that the triumphal collapse is very similar Fōṭṭni It will include another piece of work that completes tasks and will include players who will reap higher levels of forwarding. Most important thing is Premix Bypass Pedal CoD score.

On the other hand, the video has uncovered three key games. Battle Royale, multiplayer and zombies. After selecting one of them, go to the second screen you can select your team, and then select a sub-mode and map before trying out the opponents. Check the following chart:

according to the Dual ShockersBeta Call of Duty: Mobile It has begun all over the world but did not know who the participants have been. YouTube account to celebrate this event duty It also features a new trailer that shows the game and more details. see below:

Call of Duty: Mobile It's free and will be released for iOS and Android this year. Follow everything duty This link.

According to one report, we remind you that Infiniti Ward will return to the development of newborns duty On the other hand, for the consoles, works by those designers rabbit brolin signaled that it could work Modern Warfare 2.

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