Thursday , November 26 2020

Trieste's legend, Oslo Batotle, died at age 69

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Oslo Batlerett, Historical TigersThe 69-year-old is suffering from cancer.

He played this Friday evening Baṭokoṭṭi On the giant canvas in the middle of the field, to protect it for his health because of its earlier preservation Tigers He was the most important sport: his life.

For a year, his rivalry, Lease ATO He fought against it, but today this is awesome, and the battle is defeated. On Friday May 17, the animal club was received by the news media and the former singer of the university was 69 years old.

"The fight has been defeated by our dear BATO and we have informed you that now we are in peace"

"We can show professors how to enjoy, to teach and to see how great you are!" From 1977 to 1984,Retirement as a player.

Health for a week Baṭokoṭṭi He is hospitalized because he is worse. Meanwhile, players Female Tiger They were committed to the final of the Raid's final and they won the title, making sure it was for him, because it was their Argentine champion who brought them to their first pundit in 2018.

This disease is definitely known Lease ATO He left the post in order to treat him with treatment. He got crowns in BBVA and left the team. In addition, he is in charge of the clubs' activities and appeared in a Tripoli showdown program.

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