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International Day Against Lyme disease Lion travels


Many meetings have taken place throughout France as part of an international campaign that denounces many Lyme patients this Saturday. In Lyon, this codex has been selected by the societies to call the Green Ribbon on their symbolic chains.

Lyme disease, or Libme borrouwois, affects 27,000 every year in France. It is a transmissible bacterium in tik bytes. Infections often do not have symptoms. However, it may be a pathologic disorder (durable joint pain, paralysis of the particles …).

Awareness and protests

Awareness and anti-Lyme campaign against Lyme disease. Awareness on Prevention: Forests, gardens, and grazing can be ticks with ticks, walkers, and nature.

The French Letters, the Association Against the Disease Controlling Association, the Imbalance of Testing for Disease Illness and the Strong Research Against These Diseases. The following report shows this delay by scientific research for the non-payment of funds.

Lyme disease: discontinuous research
The Ministry of Health and the Health Authorities believe that launching research into the disease is an urgent task. However, no loan has been dedicated.
In the interview: Anna Bargerna, Ron Lynn's Lion's Team, LREM LREM: Bernard Parru, Ronny R. – F3RA

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